10 famous personalities who lost their state due to debts

Did you ever think about the fact that the famous people can also have problems with loans. It seems to us that the life of public individuals carefree and happy, and the topic of the loan is very far away for them. But in reality everything is completely different.

The famous artists also appeal to banks for help in obtaining funds, and some of them lose all due to large debts on loans.

The performer of one of the most famous compositions «Candy Shop», despite popularity not only in his own country, but also beyond its borders, announced bankruptcy in the non-farm 2016.

Repeated losses in the courts, as well as aliminal obligations, hit the savings of one of the most famous rappers, which made him go for a desperate step — bankruptcy.

Until now, this story has a large number of questions, but documentary inspections confirm the need for this process at that time.

Once the world champion in boxing Mike Tyson grew in the poor family. Many believe that it is the lack of financial wealth in childhood and youth pushed one of the most famous boxers in the world to surround themselves with luxury, which ultimately led to a bankruptcy announcement. Mike not only spent more than more than earned, but he was very generous friend.

The irrational waste of money led Mike to the need to announce bankruptcy, as in addition to providing luxurious life, there were commitments to the payment of numerous compensations, as well as payments appointed by the court during divorce.

It is difficult to believe, but the king of pop music, the famous Michael Jackson, despite his messenger glory and huge revenues, turned into financial and credit organizations for loans for the development of their career and not only. The money went to the records of songs, editions of albums, organizing performances and tours.

As noted by Michael’s close people, he loved to spend money on jewelry, art objects, travel, expensive furniture. He also gave large amounts of cash on charity.

But one of the most expensive amusement park «Neverland», in whose territory was the residence of Jackson, and also acted as a zoo. The content of such estates required the most huge money.

The star of the film «The History of Buddy Holly», the actor Gary Busezi fell into the debt point in the distant 2002. 45-year-old career actor, a lot of films filmed with his participation, and high feerarars could not help the actor to accumulate the «airbag». Having health problems, the actor had huge debts to therapeutic institutions in which he received medical care and was rehabilitation.

In 2002, it was noted that the sum of the total accumulation of the actor was only 50 thousand dollars, while the debt amounted to more than 500 thousand dollars.

The brother of the American actor and comic of Alik Baldwin — Stephen, announced his bankruptcy in 2009. Having several mortgage loans totaling $ 1.2 million, as well as repeated delay in banknotes for a total of about 70,000 dollars, Baldwin Jr. was in the debt of the pit together with his wife.

It was also noted that the actor did not pay taxes, which led to a debt of 1 million dollars. As a result of litigation in 2009, Stephen awarded $ 300,000, in case of non-payment, which would be expected to serve the test period. By the way, he did not pay a court penalty.

The American MC Hummer rapper will go down in history as one of the most generous employers. The total amount of monthly wages to its employees exceeded 1 million dollars, which was extremely costly. The number of people working on the famous Rapper was about 200 people. Therefore, 5 years after receiving a huge amount of income of 33 million dollars, the celebrity declared itself bankrupt.

Rhythm-n-blues Artist Tony Brexton announced bankruptcy in 2010. With the gradual care of glory, disappeared and means for the content and luxurious mansion and servants. Tony’s debt was more than 500 thousand dollars.

Despite the sale of my albums for millions of dollars, the singer could not calculate with debts before recording studios, which eventually led her to the need to announce bankruptcy again in 2013.

Who does not remember the beautiful film «Trap for parents», in which Lindsay Lohan played a major role. Then she earned her first popularity, and then began receiving profitable offers from various directors.

Love for expensive housing led the actress to the debts, with whom she was not able to cope. So her first bankruptcy announcement was when she could not cover debts for removable housing in Los Angeles, USA. Then she had to move to the house of his parents, where she lived in her room for a long time.

It would seem that this story was to teach the actress to live by means, but in a short time, being in England, she again removes the expensive apartments, for the rent of which in the future cannot pay. The amount of debt amounted to 95 thousand dollars.

Rock performer and the author of the songs of Courtney Love did not exception and also found itself in the center of the financial scandal. Due to problems with forbidden drugs, as well as irrational cash, the singer sold part of assets to his musical group, as well as real estate.

Courtney claims that her modest life does not confuse her, and she does not strive for the past style of life.

The stunning popularity of the main rescue man Malibu, Pamela Anderson, did not interfere with her to marry in the debts, with whom she ultimately managed to pay.

At first, the actress tried to earn money on rental of her real estate, but soon it became clear that this would not help get out of the debt. Therefore, Pamela went to the desperate step and sold his luxurious house for $ 7 million, which allowed her to fully cover the amount of debt. That’s just no money left for a further luxury life.

As you can see, even the most popular personalities may be in a problem financial situation, when debts before banks are so large that nothing remains to declare themselves bankrupt or sell all the property.

And no one, even celebrities with huge fees, cannot be guaranteed that there will be no such situations in their lives in which the livelihood may not be left.