Asked Open IP: What risks await you?

Asked Open IP: What risks await you?

Many novice entrepreneurs trying to open their work, they may face the refusal to register IP. Then familiar or relatives come to the revenue, who are not against the business.

But such a courtesy of acquaintances bears huge risks for a person who did not plan to work in this field.

Often, the request of another person in the registration of IP on itself is to impose restrictions that do not allow it on their own. The list of restrictions is very wide, we chose those that are most often found:

Accordingly, your friend who asked to open an IP is likely to have one of the above restrictions in connection with which it is not able to legally register the organization on his name.

As far as not confidential your relationship with a friend or close to you, registration of IP is a very risky step that can entail a large number of adverse effects.

If you still overtook trouble, and your comrade disappeared, leaving you a business with debts, then you will have to deal with it.

The first thing you need to do is close the IP, so that the debts do not continue to grow. If, by the time of the elimination of IP, the debt reached a large amount, it will later go to an individual, that is, you.

If you do not have money to close the debt, you should turn to the bankruptcy procedure, just answer you will be your property.

As a result, we want to add that you will not be able to deliver yourself from the need to make payments on mandatory contributions, thereby transfer financial responsibility to another person, so carefully analyze all possible development options, and take a weighted decision before opening the SP to another man.