Bari Alibasov owed a large amount of fines and loans

Who does not know about the identity of Baria Alibasov. Musical producer, Russian musician, founder of musical groups «Integral» and «on-on» at one time earned a huge popularity, his name sounded on every radio station. The press discussed the successes of his teams.

But, like any popularity, it has a regularity to fade, then the mention of Alibasov has become less and less to appear in the media.

So, first, I was published a loud deal with Bari poisoning to the resort of blockages in the sewer tubes. The following loud divorce and real estate dealer followed with a musician’s wife. But after all the scandals came calm. And it even wondered why Alibasov’s life is not heard about the life of Alibasov. The public gets used to such a «show».

As it became known, Bari Alibasov barely reduces ends with ends. Producer owes a huge amount of funds for taxes.

Alibasov did not provide declarations in the tax service than the fines earned. And also does not pay taxes for the car and NDFL. The total amount of debt to the state amounted to 92,500 rubles. Termination of tax pay forced the tax service to pay attention to the non-profit organization of the producer — «Creative Studio Bari Alibasov». At the moment, the object is in the process of liquidation.

So his 35-year-old son owed 123,000 rubles to the state treasury. This unfavorable outcome has been delayed by tax payments, payments for housing and communal services receipts, as well as numerous fines and penalties.

Interestingly, Alibasov-Jr. duty stretches from the distant 2015. But apparently this position suits him, because he also does not pay the alimony by his little daughter, dodging the payments under the mask «poor». And to get out of debt means to recognize ourselves provided that forced him to spend additionally 50,000 for aliminal obligations.

According to the son of Bari Alibasov, he earns training and various lectures. And the wage comes to the map unofficially. Therefore, it is impossible to find over its income.

Recently, Alibasov Jr. registered as an individual entrepreneur in the scope of garbage collection and disposal. Maybe this business will help the son pull them out with the father of the debt pit.