Can a mortgage apartment take a mortgage for debts on loans?

When we make a mortgage loan, then the purchased property automatically becomes key. And if it is clear here, why and how the lender can realize your real estate, then in the matter of other loans, this moment leaves a number of issues.

Can the bank pick up mortgage housing for delay in other loans? Let’s try to figure out our article.

In the case of a mortgage loan, more or less clear. When buying housing, your apartment or share in it, as well as the house becomes a key to the bank. Thus, the lender reduces the risks of cash loss, in case of termination of the conscientious fulfillment of obligations under the loan agreement.

Therefore, the assumption of the overdue can cost you deprivation of housing, even if it is the only one, and even if children and pensioners are spelled out there.

In case you have other loan agreements in other banks, for which you do not pay payments, but at the same time pay the mortgage agreement, then you will take your property it will be impossible, as the housing is pledged by the Bank in which you concluded Mortgage.

Therefore, it is impossible to realize it in the account of paying debt on another loan.

Very often there are such cases when both loans: mortgage and other were taken in one bank. In the absence of clear indications of payment in payment documents, the Bank may redirect money to repay an overdue loan, and not to the mortgage account, thus closing holes for paying a different loan.

If the Bank, if there is a clear appointment of the payment or transfer of funds to the mortgage account, arbitrarily redirects funds, it is necessary to write a claim and attribute it to the bank.

The bank is not entitled to pick up your mortgage housing for debts on other loans, since mortgage housing is pledged by the bank with whom you have entered into a mortgage agreement.

While you regularly pay a mortgage, you have nothing to worry about, but remember that after the end of the mortgage contract, that is, after the full payment of the loan, the accumulations of property rights are removed from the apartment.

She comes out of the deposit from the bank, and then the lender who you have a loan debt can realize your property through the court if it is certainly not the only one!