Can collectors call the debtor to work?

The call from collectors to work can cause you not the most pleasant feelings, ranging from shame and ending with aggression, since we all try not to distribute information about their financial problems in a colleague.

But still, if this happens, it is worth understanding why.

Agree it is very unpleasant, especially since a person, due to such calls, problems with the manual may begin.

If you understand the question: «Why can the collector call you to work?» The two options for the development of events pop up:

Remember the collectors are specially trained people who pass special trainings and learning to influence the debtor.

Collectors have the right to a disposable call during the day. Only the time of the day is already regulated by law and is limited to a break in calls on weekdays from 10 am and to 8 am, and on weekends from 8 pm and up to 9 am.

But very often employees of collector agencies do not comply with the law and can call even at night and repeatedly.

If the agency staff contacted you on the basis of the data left by you personally, then you should not hurry to throw the phone. Perhaps you have favorable conditions for debt repayment, and you have a chance to pay all the money.

But if employees call you without the consent to use the working number as a contact, you can report this to this collector agency and ask no longer to make such calls.

First of all, find out the name, first name and patronymic of the employee, if he himself has not introduced himself.

Record all information on an overdue loan:

Listen to the options proposed by collectors to solve your financial problem — debt.

It can the conditions they offer will allow you to close debts. Be polite, calm, do not react to aggression from the collectors if it comes from them.

What collectors can call you at work in the event that this contact you left and agreed to carry out calls on it, in other cases it is an illegal action. Communicate or not — to solve you.

But if you believe the practice, then 90% of calls to the workplace of the debtor is only an illegal measure of intimidating a person so that he returned the debt.

If you interfere with the live collectors — please contact the police, the prosecutor’s office and the court.

Judicial practice shows that people who won the courts from collectors were automatically freed from debts, and all due to the fact that such agencies acted illegal debt recovery methods.