Can IFO sue the debtor?

Stories about the demand for the return of funds by collectors working with MFIs, it is possible to hear more often than the news about the appeal of credit institutions in court.

It creates an illusion that MFIs are not shipped with its borrowers, but in fact everything is wrong.

Micro financial organizations, like banks have the full right to sue the debtor. Officially registered companies engaged in issuing loans are not limited to law in this law.

Profit MFIs is interest accrued for the period of use of borrowed money. Therefore, if the borrower ceases to fulfill its obligations under an agreement with MFIs and pay debt with interest, the organization has the right to transfer the business to collectors or go to court.

But in the case when MFIs are confident in its rightness and legality of the charges, and the borrower does not want to contact the organization, then the submission of a lawsuit is the only way out of the situation, because no one wants to lose their money and profit.

After signing the documents at the IFR office, you agree to all the terms of the payment of debt and interest accrual. Failure to fulfill obligations entails a violation of the legislation of the Russian Federation, or rather the Civil Code, which serves as the basis for the start of the trial.

Even if you issued a loan distance, through the Internet circulation to the MFI, then you will have to answer the court, since confirmation of actions by response to SMS, the introduction of code, etc. is your signature.

If you have difficulties with paying debt, contact MFIs asking for the terms of the contract. It is more profitable for them to spend money on legal costs and long-proceedings, so it will be easier to go for concessions.

If this option does not suit you, and you plan to hide from MFIs, then hope that everything will pass without consequences stupid. You are recognized guilty and oblige to pay debt. Only on top to this amount, the costs of MFIs on the court will be added.

You can expect from the judge to mitigate the requirements of MFIs, for example:

In addition, if you have a serious financial condition due to the disease, treatment in the hospital, etc., it is necessary to prepare documentary confirmation.

You will have three events development options:

The lawsuits with MFI have many nuances, so it is better to hire a lawyer. If you do not agree with the court decision, then you can submit a complaint to a higher court. It makes sense when the amount you took into loans at MFIs is 5-10 times less than the amount with a penalty that the MFI requires return.