Credit donation: What is it?

Credit donors are the last hope of those who are denied the loan everywhere. In our article, we will tell about who these are, and what risks carry the borrower, turning to donors.

The credit donor is essentially the perfect borrower. His credit history is not corrupted by delay, income will allow to take a loan without problems. Appeal to such a person does not at all free of charge. For their work, the credit donor asks for a reward as a percentage of the loan amount, or a certain price on its own «tariff plan».

In a situation where even a credit broker could not help in making a loan (and this may affect a sufficient number of factors related to the financial situation of the client and its debt burden), the credit donor may take credit and decide the problem of the borrower.

If the credit donor is an individual that acts independently without creating an organization, then at the request of an unsuccessful borrower, this man takes a loan. In the future, when receiving money, the credit donor transmits them to the «customer of the service» and they sign an agreement in which the obligations of each Party clearly agreed.

The safest and most convenient way to fix all the nuances of the situation (when and how many must pay the borrower to the credit donor; what will be for delay; and how much money you need to pay for the work done) will appeal to the notary for signing the agreement.

If a financial donor is a company specializing in assistance to borrowers with difficulties in making a loan, then, as a rule, they have a database of proven credit donors. This facilitates the search for such a person who could make credit commitments.

The scheme of work with special financial companies is as follows:

The help of a credit donor is unconditional need to those who urgently need money, but

The easiest and safest way is to ask for someone from relatives or acquaintances to become your credit donor. Native people usually do not take pay for their help, which will help you not only cope with financial problems, but also save money.

If none of the acquaintances have the opportunity to help you, you can try to find a credit donor on the Internet. Stumble on scammers easy enough. And the schemes how to calculate an honest person does not exist. Therefore, we advise to be very neat, and in no case pay advances, or give documents as a deposit to third parties.

As a result, we want to say that credit donation is not enshrined in the legislation of the Russian Federation. Therefore, appeal to such persons and organizations is not protected by the state in case you are deceived. If you need to receive money urgently, it is better, of course, to try to contact either in MFIs, or to the credit broker.