Currency (multicurrency) Credit Card — What is it?

Currency, or as it is also called multicurrency, credit card is a bank card that has several accounts in different currencies. The main monetary unit, as a rule, is the Russian ruble, and American dollars, and euro with pounds may be additional.

From an ordinary credit card, it is distinguished by the fact that it does not have binding to one account, there are several on the contrary. Thus, a citizen of one such card can replace 3-4 ordinary.

A citizen at its discretion changes the currency of payment, depending on the country in which he is at the time of payment.

Currency credit card will allow you to avoid possible unpleasant situations that are associated with the races of the course. The fact is that purchasing operations in another currency are usually processed by financial organizations for several days. And during this time, the currency rate may change more than once.

A citizen who travels in Europe with a regular map that receives his wage in rubles. He is going home and decided to buy gifts to his friends for the remaining 7 thousand rubles.

He picks up souvenirs in a shopping bed for $ 100. For the current day of buying 10 dollar numbers, for example, costs 68 rubles, that is, he needs to pay 6,800 rubles.

Everything would be fine if it were not for one nuance, the payment he made will be confirmed only the next day. And how the $ 11th called the dollar increases in price to 71 rubles, and it will pay a little more.

In addition to instant payments, using this card, you can, without special spending and effort, convert funds on accounts. This can be done in your phone, without spending time on the search for the exchange office, where you will leave a decent amount for the exchange.

You can connect up to 4 bills in different currencies to a multicurrency card.

Many financial organizations can offer you a multicurrency card. However, due to low demand for this product, they became more and more translate ordinary debit cards to multicurrency.

Credit Card «BINBANK AIRMILES» — a financial product of the bank, which gives the client a certain number of privileges:

At the residue of personal funds, 7% is accrued. Of the shortcomings — a fairly high cost of service — about 2 thousand rubles per month. Perhaps free service, but if you are ready to store over 600 thousand rubles on the balance card.

If you like to travel in different countries, then such a type of map is for you — everything is quick and convenient, and most importantly without high overpayments. However, if you rarely make such operations, you will first think about such a card to you, or it will bring only additional costs.

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