Debit with a loan.

To promote their services, banks have increasingly began to resort to celebrity participation in promotional companies. For stars, this is an additional income, and for the bank — new customers who believe their idol and choose exactly the bank whose face is.

So who, according to creditors, cause confidence in humans? It is enough to open the page of the Bank’s website, and the personality is immediately understood, which acts as an advertising person.

The musician, better known under the pseudonym Basta, is the advertising person of the Opening Bank. The official representation of the Ambassadora Bank took place on June 27 last year.

Musical compositions «Sansara», «Suns are not visible», «graduation» smelled into the soul to a large number of people. Therefore, confidence that the musician causes Russians unconditionally. Special love enjoys bastic from youth.

The name of Konstantin Khabensky did not hear, probably, only babies. His face can be seen on any TV channel in the advertisement of the bank «Sovcombank». Star films «Night Watch», as well as the series «Method» causes the most warm and good feelings from the people. After all, in addition to its acting activities, Konstantin opened a charitable foundation in 2008 in memory of the victim from the oncology. The fund is aimed at helping children with severe brain diseases.

It is not surprising that Sovcombank began cooperation with the actor, since the confidence of people to him is very high. The network has repeatedly discussed the situation when it is because of the call of the actor to use the Bank’s services, people went directly to Sovcombank, so the lender did not lose with the choice of his bank’s face.

Sergey Bezrukov has recently joined the advertisement of Sovcombank Bank. There he plays himself.

I would like to note that recently Sergey confessed to fans that he bought an apartment in a mortgage. Such statements are heated by confidence in celebrities, implying that they are «on the same wave» with simple people. The presence of two good actors in one advertisement — some combo, which the lender wanted to attract interest in his bank. It turned out from him or not can be judged only to increase the release of Khalva cards.

The choice is far from the young, but the famous 63-year-old actor of the theater and cinema, Sergey Garmash, as an advertising person «Mail Bank» can be regarded as the Bank’s desire to attract an elderly category of citizens as customers. In advertising, the bank and positions itself as a «bank for pensioners».

About all the subtleties and pitfalls when receiving a loan on favorable terms, Harmash, of course, is silent, but confidence in pensioners is definitely. Still, more pleasant to see the face of its age category in advertising credit products.

For several years, Dmitry Nagiyev never ceases to be an advertising person «MTS». The mobile operator at the same time offers not only mobile services and the Internet, but also bank products, such as MTS Cashback Map.

The advertising company in the form of viral rollers aims to increase the sales of the company’s services.

How effective to attract Dmitry to advertising this company can be judged by Russian comments. Many already tired advertising with his participation, as you can see Nagiyev in advertising videos of medicines, network of restaurants and even meat products.

See advertising without the participation of the star today is difficult. Properly selected person, make people associate themselves with the bank. Thereby increasing the client base and sale of services.