Deduction for the sport: when and how can I get?

Get the tax deduction for physical education and recreation services is now real. So citizens can return income tax, thereby saving their money.

In our material we will tell you who is put on the tax deduction, as and when it can be obtained.

Tax deduction

The possibility of tax deduction for sports did not exist before, and appeared only from August 1 of the current year.

Only here this law will apply to income received from January 1, 2022. Thus, the state plans to stimulate the economy.

At the same time, citizens must comply with several conditions in order to get a tax deduction for the sport:

Changes in legislation did not increase the limit of permissible deduction, so it, as before, is 120,000 rubles per year, that is, if you have deductible for training or treatment, then the deduction for the sport enters the overall limit and cannot exceed it.

The new deduction will be available only on revenues, starting from 2022, so if you have gathered to extend the subscription to the gym or pool, it is worth up with this, since this year it does not work out, since the income for 2021 is not taken into account by law.

Citizens have two ways to make an income tax deduction:

Tax deduction can not apply those citizens whose income is not taxed, for example, those who work unofficially or not employed. The unemployed citizens cannot qualify for the return of funds from unemployment benefits, since this income is not taxed.

Thus, we come to the conclusion that the deduction for the sport is not very different from other types of social deduction, and to confirm the visits to physical education and health organizations requires a contract and cash receipt checks.