Do the right collectors to intimidate the debtor?

In the presentation of people, collectors are malicious recovers that apply all possible tools to return debt. Hence the question arises how legitimate their actions.

Collector agencies are commercial, but still regulated by the federal bailiff service, the FSSP issues a license to work on refund of overdue debts.

Information about all legally working collector agencies is located in the State Register in Open Internet Access. Otherwise, you should not even try to prove the organization without a license, since their intentions are not legitimate.

Collectors do not have the right to intimidate you and threaten your life and life of your relatives, and loved ones.

Unfortunately, the general opinion about collectors is consumed as about those who, using illegal debt collection methods, are trying to perform their work. But remember that collectors can only remind you of a debt, offer different ways to resolve the problem, offering the terms of debt payment, adjusting to your current life situation. To withdraw you on emotions, use psychological violence — is not legal.

In addition to intimidation and threats, manifolds are prohibited to apply physical strength towards the borrower. Grab your hand, push into the shoulder, or even worse to hit — all these are unlawful actions that may entail punishment for employees of collector agencies.

In the event that you have had evidence of perfect actions. We advise you to produce a video from all over.

What else cannot be made to collectors:

If you understand that the actions of collectors violate the laws and generally accepted norms, then you can contact the law enforcement agencies, the prosecutor’s office, the investigative committee.

In this case, you can attract witnesses who have witnessed the illegal actions of the collectors, their messages to you, as well as audio recordings and video recordings of the dialogues and interactions.

According to the law, collector agencies actually defend funds in debt, but in life, as a rule, their actions lose any legitimate basis, and in this case, you must protect yourself by contacting law enforcement agencies with a statement on their interaction methods with you.