Drawing money for graft from COVID-19

A highly unusual way to get rich in 2021 was the drawing of cash among those who made the vaccination from Coronavirus.

On September 14, 500 people were identified who received remuneration for the vaccine supplied.

The original method of motivation to vaccinate from the Covid-19 citizens came up with the Government of the Russian Federation, which allocated 100,000,000 rubles to the draw, the first stage of which was 7 days ago.

500 people have already received 100,000 rubles, and the computer system has chosen them automatically.

The draw will be held in two stages, the first has already passed on September 14, and the second is planned to spend October 14, 2021.

To eliminate the interest of high-ranking persons in winning, the state has created a special computer program that by randomly selects the certificate numbers of the vaccination from the list of those who put it.

In order to control the conduct of the draw, a special circulation commission was created, which includes Drakkina Oksana — Director of the FGBU «National Medical Research Center of Therapy and Preventive Medicine» of the Ministry of Health of Russia, as well as Yaroslav Olegovich Yuropolov, Yurgens Igor Yuryevich, Christophers Alexander Nikolaevich and Trachuk Arkady Vladimirovich.

Payment of money is carried out in the next half of the year after the circulation.

In order to check the number of your certificate in the winning list, you need to go to the site bonusedor.rf and in the field «Searching among the winners» enter the number of the certificate of vaccination.

For money, you need to be registered on the state portal services, and after the winning the citizen has 3 months to introduce these bank cards the world to which the Bonus «For Health Care» will be credited.

If you still have no personal account on the portal, then you should register there, since this is a prerequisite for obtaining money.

The original expression of gratitude to citizens for their care for their health is not done for the first time. So in the summer in the capital played a car, worth 1,000,000 rubles, and a three-bedroom apartment was played in the suburbs.