Famous video broker, David Manukyan, gave the house to his fan

Gifts celebrities from fans have long been surprised by the public.

But recently, famous personalities have become more and more often to give expensive gifts to their fans. In today’s article, we will tell about the noble act of the domestic video unit, a tictoker, a rap artist — Dava.

Recently, David Manukyan in one of the social networks opened an unexpected opportunity for his subscribers to tell about his desire, which he can fulfill.

An important condition was that request should not be in the gift of money or new-fashioned gadgets. So one of the subscribers asked the stroller for his child, and David pleased her buying such a thing necessary in the family with a small child.

And once again, having prepared for new desires of his fans, Dava discovered a message from a woman from Novosibirsk, from where Manukyan also comes from.

She asked to put a window in the nursery, as it was not at all, and the opening was clipped plywood. Due to the autumn, the child could simply freeze in the cold room.

The girl did not expect a famous blogger to pay attention to her small, but very important request. But what happened further shocked not only her, but also the entire public public.

Seeing the house in which Ksenia lived with her husband and daughter, David realized that the new window in the children’s room was not at all what the family needs.

The house was in a deplorable state, the territory is littered with construction and other materials. All this brought a famous blogger to the idea of buying a new house for Ksenia and her family.

On the way to the most important surprith, David brought Seven Ksenia to the store, where he bought products, toys, dishes, as well as small household appliances, such as a kettle and a meat grinder.

Next, they went just at the location of the new house, where Manukyan and handed the keys to the entrance door. This act caused tears of joy in a woman.

Although I myself did not hide my experiences. He nervously nervous to the family like everything. In a new house, excellent repairs that do not require investments. Blider tells how often he planned the scene to give the keys in his head before arriving in Novosibirsk.

Such lovely actions are forced to remember about human kindness. When you have something to share with people surrounding you, can something be more pleasant than seeing happy people who need your help. Do good, help, take part in help.