Funny stories related to lending in Russia

Managers of banks create their own forums on which they talk about fun cases when making a loan. Here and the goals of the loan that do not fit in the head at a simple person, and the borrowers themselves, with their extraordinary outcomes.

Sometimes lending goals are surprised not only by the bank employees who seem to have seen and heard everything, but also an ordinary person.

We were not mistaken, really some banks recorded cases when the borrowers were drawn up by a consumer loan for the purchase of an expensive breed of cats or dogs.

So JSC KB «Let’s go!», Whose branches are located in 34 cities of Russia, said that she issued a loan in the amount of 100,000 rubles, the purpose of which was the purchase of a fashionable cat breed. In order to please yourself, the borrower decided to make money on credit.

The leading MFI «Home Money» faced the situation when a citizen came to the office with the aim of issuing a loan to buy a rare old coin.

Obsession with the desire to collect the whole collection, but the lack of a sufficient amount of funds led the borrower to the need to issue credit commitments to the implementation of desire.

The market leaders of microfinance organizations did not remain aside, as well as shared interesting cases in their practice. So the MIGCredit MFIs said that when filling out a loan application, one of the borrowers, pointed to the field with a goal of a loan, the fact that money is required to close the session. Of course, we understand that we are talking about a bribe, and the young man did not even try to choose something more standard.

And another man honestly admitted that he needs money for buying a military ticket. So much I did not want to go to serve in the army that he was ready for such extreme measures.

It is obvious that young people have forgotten about the legislation, so they were extremely honest with MFI staff.

Lost in 2014 the right to work through the license with the Central Bank of the Credit and Financial Organization «Commercial Bank» StroyCredit «, shared a story about how a borrower with a spoiled history, several current loans, as well as a bad credit rating changed the name, name and patronymic In order to try to make a new loan.

The legislation of the country is not prohibited by the change of the names of citizens at their own desire, but it is necessary to know that all data is stored in specialized information bases that are available to banks.

The personality of the unscrupulous borrower was identified by old data, and the loan is denied.

Can you imagine how many loans need to be issued so that their story does not fit on the top ten pages. The National Bureau of Credit Stories shared information about the borrower, which requested a document from ki, and in response he received more than a hundred pages.

The situation is explained by the fact that the citizen left a large number of applications for a loan, and each of them was recorded in KI, as well as loomed credit obligations, which soon replaced new ones.