How do children of domestic celebrities earn?

Start your business, having famous parents much easier than without them. Therefore, children of domestic artists hurry to open a business while their ancestors are famous and popular.

Girls more often open their work on the sale of clothing. Unique collections can be found in their own show figures, the entry in which is pre-fitted. In addition, among children, the stars are popular for resale products from foreign sites.

The daughter of the famous Russian singer and composer Dmitry Malikova, Stesh Malikova, opened his business for the production and sale of clothing. Mostly Stesh is engaged in the creation of a collection of dresses in a romantic style. To see, touch, measure and buy goods in the showroom in Moscow. Also, the steha affects the delivery worldwide.

Last year, the DressBysteesha brand was involved in the scandal. The attentive users of the network found on one of the most famous Chinese sites the same dresses as those that Stefania exhibited as exclusive. The price difference was so big that it caused a storm of negative on the side of fans. If the dress was worth not more than 1,200 rubles on a Chinese site, then Malikova, the youngest sold them at a price of 16 times more. Immediately after the scandal, two partners of the steha came out of the business, thereby making it the only owner of the business.

After the scandal, business Malikova did not cry, and on the contrary recently Stefania released a new autumn collection of feminine and romantic dresses.

In fashion magazines, you can often find photos of the daughter of famous tennis player Evgenia Kafelnikov. Allesya works as a model not only within the country, but also in its front. It participates in showing fashion shows, in which such well-known models are taking such as Irina Shayk, Sisters Hadid and others.

Advertising in instagram, participation in fashionable defile, photography for magazines, as well as shooting in short films bring your own income to the girl. It is not known how independently Alesya in the presence of a secured father, but she persistently tries to show its independence from parental money.

The name of the younger son of the singer Valeria and the producer of Joseph Vigogin, Arseny Schulgin over the past year was noted in many news. This is due to the birth of the granddaughter of the famous artist.

But few people know about the sensational scandal, in the course of which it became known that Shulgin was noticed in the trial. The fact is that the young man is engaged in business, which is based on the resale of goods from Chinese sites. Recently it became known that the son of Valeria, promises its customers a profitable cooperation, and in fact it receives money and begins to ignore people.

Interestingly, Arseny’s parents do not want to delve into the problems of a young man and believe that a 25-year-old businessman must deal with his problems himself.

The son of the Russian figure skateman Evgenia Plushenko, Sasha earns millions according to their parents. The 8-year-old boy receives an income no less than a million rubles per month, which consists of a huge amount for the year. The manual of money is engaged in the mother of the boy, the famous producer of Yana Rudkovskaya.

He earns a small heir to advertising contracts, which Sasha has in large quantities. As well as advertising on social networks.

Oleg Gazmanov’s son did not go in the footsteps of his father and finished with musical creativity as a child. I decided to enter the British college, where he was educated and opened a profitable business.

The son of the famous singer is engaged in freight. In addition, he recently began a model career, which was reflected on its physique and appearance.

The young and secured heirs of famous artists are trying first of all to get an education. Many of them come to foreign universities, others study at the best universities of our country. They are not in a hurry to become large entrepreneurs, but live in pleasure.