How does biometrics work in Sberbank and what does it give to customers?

The modern pace of life requires changes in all areas. Aside, there was no Sberbank with an innovation to quickly identify the identity of the client without unnecessary documents.

The task of introducing biometrics should eliminate the problem of illegal access to Sberbank’s customers.

Biometrics are the unique parameters of a person who are individually inherent.

So to identify the personality, you can use the fingerprint, iris, voice, face blind.

These features allow you to accurately establish the identity of the client and prevent fraudulent actions.

At the moment, the Bank may ask you to provide your voice casts, as well as an image of a person for making biometric data into a single biometric system.

The image of the face is not made by the usual camera. Special technology allows you to make a volumetric virtual blind, which will further help with an accuracy of 99% not to be mistaken in identification when contacting the bank.

It is important to know that such data should be updated with periodicity in several years. Sberbank advises to redo the casts of votes and the faces every 3 years. This will allow the program to record changes in biometric data to eliminate identification problems.

For 3 years, Sberbank has been offering its customers the function of using biometric data. For the bank, this is a good opportunity to reduce costs and load on personnel through the provision of services remotely.

For customers, it also allows you to receive services remotely. This method of identification of the personality is very convenient for residents of hard-to-reach and airless items.

At the moment, for information on the account or map by calling the hotline of the bank from clients requires passport data, as well as the code word. Often the document can not be at hand, and few people know the data by heart. Therefore, voice recognition by the system will facilitate life and save time to a large number of customers. The system unmistakably identifies a person.

Abandoning biometrics can be abandoned both at the initial stages, and after the consent of their collection and storage.

After clarification by the Bank’s employees of all the features of using biometric data, you have the opportunity to refuse to offer. This will not follow anything, you are the same as always, you will use a document certifying a person when visiting the Bank’s office.

Biometrics in the opinion of many experts have greater safety than the acting ways of identifying the personality. The interaction with the computer system reduces the risk of zero fraud.