How does Sberbank deceive his customers?

On the Internet there are more and more reviews about the work of one of the largest banks of our country. Unfortunately, this review of the work is not always positive. Increasingly, people complain about the deception from Sberbank, which creates a negative reputation of a financial and credit organization with a 98.9 million active customers.


Lawyers note that the release of cards without the knowledge of citizens is more often happening from salary customers of the bank with a good credit history.

The issuance of a credit card without a personally signed consent leads to a negative reaction from Sberbank customers, since these funds are often charged with fraudsters. And to prove its innocence, in this case it turns out to be almost impossible.

The bank’s employees themselves believe that there is nothing wrong with the release of maps without permission. After all, without activation, such as a credit card, it remains unused credit products, which does not bear the negative consequences for the client. The same can be said about the debit card.

But the bank customers have a completely different point of view on this issue. On the Internet, citizens are actively share with their own stories, and come to the overall conclusion that these actions by the bank are not the same as a deception. Since the design of any banking product must occur with the customer’s personal appeal.

And here, employees by issuing credit cards earn a prize.

The most important thing is that if the fraudsters get to the credit card and write out of it, the court will be on the side of the bank, and the consultant of the bank employee will not be.

Be very careful if you don’t need a credit card — refuse it immediately!

Also, very often, Sberbank clients complain about connecting the SMS-alert function for performing operations without their personal consent. This service is paid, and monthly from the card to which such a function is connected, cash is written off.

Most customers, referring to the words of acquaintances working in the «Sberbank» offices, concluded that in this way the staff perform a monthly plan. Since the failure to fulfill the entities of the goals for a month can entail the abolition of the award, or any allowances, the Sberbank employees connect the Mobile Bank without the consent of the Client.

This action is illegal, very often thus suffer from gullible pensioners, which are connected to the maximum large number of services.

Also pensioners, Sberbank employees draw up premium cards. This is done to fulfill the same plan and receiving a bonus from the manual.

After problems begin, pensioners turn to the bank and ask questions where employees respond:

And from a legal point of view, bank employees are right!

Be very careful and refuse such services!

Sberbank often puts one of the conditions for approval of the loan — registration of the insurance policy of life and health. Often, disagreement on this service can lead to a loan refusal, which forces the client to agree with the Bank.

To convince the client in the need for this procedure and to make an agreement on making insurance, the staff promise the return of a part of the insurance during early repayment of the loan. But in reality, return for the client becomes quite a problematic occupation.

And the money insurance company does not return.

The money for the insurance policy is decorated upon receipt of the loan can be returned for 14 days from the date of signing the insurance contract.

To cancel insurance, refer to direct in the insurance company! You do not need to contact the Bank’s employees, they will only exacerbate the situation and delay the deadlines, since it is profitable. And if you have time to abandon insurance, then the staff will not receive a prize.

A large number of fraudulent actions with cash leave a number of issues from Sberbank customers. Often taking place to write off savings from citizens’ cards, the inability to prove their innocence, and long-term proceedings on how attackers could use personal data of customers, cause Russians to distrust to one of the largest banks of our country.

There is a judicial practice that the Bank’s employees are involved in all Machinations with money, the percentage of refunds for fraudulent actions is only 2% of 100.

Be very careful and follow the recommendations on the use of plastic cards!