How does the state help families in 2021?

The state is trying to take care of parents and their children, offering new payments and programs with state support. For many citizens, government support is vital and without additional sources of income, such as manuals — the family can not live.

What suggested the state this year? We have collected the most relevant information in our material.

So, back

The amount of benefits depends on the size of the subsistence minimum established in the region and is 50% of it. On average in the country, this amount consists of 6,300 rubles, and every year will be indexed.

Decal money or maternity allowance

The amount of payment is 100% of the payment of average daytime earnings over the past 2 years of work. It turns out this year they watch wages for the past 2020, as well as the previous year before — 2019. There is a actually spent number of days, without taking into account hospital and care vacations. Wages for this period can be viewed in the certificate of income of form 2-NDFL.

Payment for children over 3 years and younger than 8 can be framed by parents whose family has the status of a low-income. It means that

On average, this amount varies from 11,000 to 12,000 rubles.

Payment is designed for families who were in a difficult life situation. Not everyone can arrange a manual, but only those in whose families:

The amount of payment equals 50% of the subsistence minimum in your region.

After changes in the law, this year changed the terms of hospital for children under 7 years old. Now a parent caring for a sick child at home or in the hospital has the right to get 100% of the average earnings. And the amount of payment should not be less than minimum wage.

Baby parents older than 8 years of age are not concerned. Here the fees of the hospital remains along the old scheme and depends on the conditions of the treatment of the child — outpatient or stationary.

From 2021 to 2023, children studying from 1 to 4 classes will be able to get hot free food 1 time during the school day. Schools will decide on themselves what it will be free — breakfast or lunch.


Families with one child since 2018 got the opportunity to purchase housing in the mortgage only under 6%. A very favorable condition, which allowed many Russian families to buy their own real estate, gained great popularity.

If the first child was born until 2017, you can make a mortgage under 7% per annum and in the amount of not more than 3 million rubles.

Families in which the third or subsequent child was born from January 1, 2019 and until December 31, 2022 can count on the rescue of 450,000 rubles. At the same time, the mortgage can be decorated and before the birth of the 3rd baby.

Danae Measure of State Support has many submarine stones about which it is worth knowing before making a decision on filing an application.

Certificate that can pay off part of the mortgage or use as an initial contribution, has become more accessible to families with children. If he was previously issued only to families with two or more children, now families with one child can take the design. At the same time, the amount of cash is more and amounts to 639,000 rubles. While families with two children have only 484,000 rubles.

We touched on topical and most popular payments among families with children in 2021. The situation with coronavirus infection forced the government of our country to once again think about the additional assistance of this category of the population.