How in 2021 to check the legal purity of the apartment before buying?

Every real estate buyer wants to be sure that after buying an apartment, third parties applying for housing will be announced.

In order not to lose your money, but we are talking about very large amounts, you need to know how to check the apartment for legal purity.

With the advent of a large number of various scams in the housing market, such a term appeared as «legal purity».

Legal cleanliness

You can check the apartment before buying yourself, but you can contact professionals in this matter.

If you have made real estate transactions until 2016, then I feel great to remember the beautiful certificate of the right of ownership, which was issued to the new owner of the apartment. The certificate indicated information about the owner and characteristics of the apartment, and if it was about share ownership, the size of the share was prescribed.

As you understand, if you were given an extract, which was printed more than a month ago — it may be an attempt to deceive fraudsters. In an extract, encumbrances are prescribed to ownership if the apartment is pledged from the bank or under arrest. And not a fresh extract may not contain up to date information.

Often, former tenants arrange redevelopment in an apartment without coordinating it with local architectural or BTI bodies. But illegal such action entails administrative responsibility.

Therefore, it is worth checking the condition of the apartment with a real technical passport. It is important that it was the original, because in the copy it is easy to «remove» an excessive wall.

An important moment of checks are receipts to pay housing and communal services. The debts of past tenants, in case of their presence, will be transferred to new owners.

Of course, you have every chance of justifying communal companies in the future, but it will not have little to spend nerves and forces for this.

If the property was bought in marriage, it automatically becomes shared. When trying to sell an apartment, not only with his share, but also a spouse, the seller of course hurries to extract the maximum benefit.

But the buyer, in turn, becomes the hostage of marital debate, or at all, can receive a decree on the invalidity of the transaction.

Forging power of attorney for scammers is easier than simple. Therefore, it is necessary to require the presence of the owner on the deal, otherwise you can get caught in the hands of chairs.

Do not blindly believe the signatures of the notary, as it may be in collusion with a fraudster, as well as interested in receiving part of the profit.

If all these checks seem difficult to you, you can always ask for help to lawyers. Careful verification of documents, as well as the availability of other owners or heirs of the apartment, can prevent error.