How long does the mortgage loan process take?

Can the loan design delay for a very long time or today banks make such transactions quickly?

Consideration of the application by the Bank comes from 2 to 10 days. Since the income level plays a decisive role in the approval of the mortgage loan, the borrower should pre-order a certificate from the work on income. In most cases, such a certificate is done within two days, but in some enterprises, especially on large, the production time of this document can be increased to 5-7 days.

Further, if the application for a mortgage loan is approved, the client starts finding housing.

As a rule, after approval of the application for mortgage, different banks give borrowers from one to three months in search of housing.

Of course, you need to make sure that you do not buy a cat in the bag. » Sometimes to save time for self-searches, future borrowers turn to the services of realtors, as they have ready-made databases of apartments for sale, and they can easily pick up a suitable accommodation for you.

It is important to tell the seller that the apartment will be bought on credit funds. Often, in this case, the sellers refuse to sell, as they want to get cash in cash, and not wait when the bank will list them. And if, the seller suits everything, then you can go to the next stage of the mortgage design, namely the accuracy of housing.

And finally, approaching the final actions at the mortgage decoration stage, we will talk about the conclusion of a sales contract, as well as a mortgage agreement. As a rule, the conclusion of these contracts occurs in one day.

After the conclusion of the mortgage agreement, it is necessary to register ownership of Roserestre. This procedure takes 10 days

It is impossible to call the exact figure of the mortgage loan period, since many factors affect this process that can delay the design of the transaction with the bank.

If you do not take into account the time to search for housing, which completely depends on the future borrower, then on average for all documentary design leaves 2 to 3 weeks. Accordingly, if the bank gives you the right to find housing within 2-3 months, and you use it, then summarize this by the date of registration of all formalities.

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