How much can you earn on deposits?

Each at least once thought about passive income in the form of interest from the bank deposit. Cash can be kept in a credit and financial organization from several months to a year, as well as for the period that you define personally. About how profitable today to open deposits in the bank, tell us in our article.

Bank deposits are of different species, differ in terms of storage in cash accounts. Consider every kind of Read more and learn how much you can earn.

This type of contribution can be opened for a certain period of time, as a rule, from month to year. Remove the money before the deadline for the expirational contract is undesirable, because in this case you will lose profit and part of the profit. The urgent contribution usually opens up a large amount of money, because in this case the profit will be weighty.

If you have a small amount for the deposit, we advise you to open it to demand.

Such a contribution is particularly relevant among the parents who want to accumulate money to the majority of their child, then the contribution opens to the name of the Son or daughter, and he will use the means or she will be able to take the 18th anniversary.

The amount of interest rates in different banks is different, but almost everywhere minimally is 4% per annum.

The interest rate on demand deposits is lower than that of urgent. You can pick up the money at any time convenient for you partially or completely. With the balance on the score, interest will be charged already on it.

A little more can be earned on deposits with capitalization. In this case, the lender adds accrued interest to the initial amount.

From here we conclude that you can earn on the deposit only in the case of a large amount of money or long-term storage period in the account, only in this case the profit will be tangible, and the wait is justified.