How much does the bloggers cost?

Currently, the purchase of advertising in bloggers is a powerful tool for promoting their business. Advertising your product or service celebrity will not only provide an opportunity to declare yourself on a crowded audience, but also will attract new buyers.

In our article we learn how much advertising is the leading domestic bloggers.

The most popular blogger of the country, Anastasia Ivelev, once started his way with the record of short humorous videos, which were so liked by the public that the girl’s audience began to grow in geometric progression. Further, participation in one of the best Travel Shaw made a look at the blogger with other eyes, which pulled even more fans.

To date, Anastasia has 18,900,000 subscribers in instagram. Advertising in the girl’s account is worth a fabulous money, but this is explained by its popularity and a huge audience that will look at advertising.

Advertising in Instagram stands in different ways, depending on the method of filing information. So the publication in Stork will cost you at least 500,000 rubles, and a whole post dedicated to your goods will cost at least 1,500,000 rubles. The maximum cost of the post does not exceed 2.5 million rubles.

On advertising, Anastasia earns from 5 to 6 million rubles per month. At the same time, it leads his own show, participates in the programs, is removed in advertising, as well as performs leading at events.

The popularity of the 21-year-old girl brought a tick current, it has 23.9 million subscribers. Earn young tick-toeckers on advertising on social networks. So the current number of subscribers in Instagram at Dean reaches 7.5 million people.

More recently, the girl worked in one of the popular Fastfud networks, and now earns about 1 million rubles a month for advertising on the Internet.

No music concert do without inviting Olga Buzova. Her creativity does not share many, but the popularity of the singer and the leading does not decrease. Large companies seek to conclude contracts for television advertising with it, as well as make Olga face of their products, print its image on product packaging.

Insteagram income is not much different from the income of the Iveleva, so for advertising in Storky Olga takes from 500 to 600 thousand rubles. And the cost of post with your advertising reaches up to 1 million rubles. The number of subscribers in September 2021 reached a mark of 23,100,000 people.

Draws of numerous gifts for their fans when subscribing on all sponsors, can bring a singer to 8 million rubles. So each sponsor saves from 30 to 50 thousand rubles for participating in the draw (here’s the advertisement of your account). The number of such participants can reach hundreds of people.

The shaft is only 19 years old, but at such a young age it earns millions on advertising.

The girl has its own personal manager, she releases video clips with their own songs, takes away the video in Tik-current, as well as advertise products for large amounts of money.

Recently, representatives of the carnival called the amount for which the girl was ready to record a joint video with another blogger. Digit of you rubbed — 5,000,000 rubles.

Once the best friend of Anastasia Ivelieva, Ida Galich, also participated in the shooting of short humorous video. Later I created my show on Utyube. Actively advertises the goods on social networks, and even recorded several songs.

To date, the girl has 6.7 million subscribers in instagram, and the advertising post costs 880,000 rubles. While the price of video advertising reaches 1 million rubles.


If suddenly you want to promote your business through advertising from well-known bloggers, then be prepared for the design of the loan, because it is hardly in the initial stages you will have the opportunity to pay a large amount of money. Yes, and it is impossible to know for sure whether such advertising will appear.