How to cash money from a kiwi wallet?

Electronic wallets facilitate the storage of finances to a large number of citizens. And if with bank cards, the process of cashing the money is quite simple and understandable, then electronic wallets cause many questions.

One of the most popular electronic wallets in the country is a kiwi wallet. In our article, we will tell about all ways to bring virtual cash.

In order to bring money to the further purpose of their cashing, the Kiwi Wallet service offers its users a few ways to do this.

This method of cashing is popular among kiwi-wallet users, as the money goes to a bank account within a few minutes.

In order to take advantage of the translation, you need to find the «Display» site on the main page of the Kiwi Wallet site, after clicking on which the user will be overloaded to the page with the list of output methods available to it.

After that, you should choose a «bank account» and find the appropriate bank in the list. A further action will be filling out the form that needs to be specified, the account number, bik, user data, or account holder, as well as the transfer amount.

If you wish to get the money before, it is worth choosing the «Express payment» option, which allows users to cash out money after 10 minutes.

In order to take advantage of the transfer to the bank card, you should choose the appropriate item from the list of possible ways to output funds. After that, the page opens the page with the window to enter the card number.

The translation takes no more than 5 days, but users note that often the days arrive at the card for several hours.

In addition, the kiwi wallet user can use the services of online exchanger or cash funds using the QIWI Visa Plastic card, which you want to issue in advance.

The convenience of the Kiwi card is that it can be used, like any other debit card. For example, you can pay for accounts in cafes and restaurants, make purchases in stores, and even pay it outside the country. The main thing is that the place where you plan to use the map took payment from it.

As you can see, the ways to cash out virtual money with a kiwi wallet are a lot. Each user chooses the one that is most profitable to him and is convenient.