How to deal with telephone fraudsters?

Few, but at least once in life did not come across telephone fraudsters. The progress of modern technologies allows them not only to know your phone number, but also know your name and surname, card numbers, in which bank you are expensive.

This information may mislead you that allow fraudsters to manipulate your actions, for example, to make cash translate them.

If you personally did not communicate your phone number, as well as personal information — this does not mean that fraudsters will not be able to get data about you. With the progress of modern technology, to get the desired information was easier than simple.

To find out your patronymic, it is enough to try to make money transfer to the card by phone number.

In Sberbank, such a function allows you to know your name, patronymic, as well as the first letter of the family. And if you make a minimum translation, then the account number will be displayed in the check number on which the money will come.

Also, now any registration on the site, or in the store bonus program, and so on, requires you to announce your contact number and name, often requires date of birth.

We ourselves leave all the information you need for fraudsters in a variety of places, so the knowledge of our number is no longer surprising.

Fraudsters have become so strong in the confidence of people that those who do not understand whether they say all secret information about their maps and bank accounts, and also translate large amounts of money to the scores.

To understand whether a bank employee calls you, ask as many clarifying questions as possible: ask the name and name of the employee who calls you, the name of the bank, the city, address and everything that will help you understand how much the opponent is honest. And at best, they call back to the hotline of the bank at all, where the employee will tell you: is something really happened to your money or accounts.

If you see the unfamiliar number call you, then you have the opportunity to quickly find out who it is. For example, you can install a special program on a smartphone that will show who calls you. Such programs also allow you to automatically block calls from fraudsters.

To date, this method of combating fraudsters is the most effective. You do not take the phone, do not lead a dialogue with people trying to deceive you, respectively, do not become a member of fraudulent schemes.

Unfortunately, to get rid of such calls is forever impossible. Fraudsters come up with new scheme of deception every day. Bought the databases of numbers, learn your data, and then act on the planned plans.

Yes, and you cannot do without modern messengers, social networks, registration on sites, as well as filling out the questionnaire when receiving bonus cards in stores, and even installing mobile applications on your phone capable of tracking your location, bank account numbers, and so on.

I want to believe that a large number of cases with attempts to steal money from citizens cards, transfers of gullible customers on the maps of fraudsters by communicating by phone, learn a society to be less conspirable with such people, or forced to use the opportunity not to take the phone and not respond to suspicious calls «Bank employees.» Be careful and careful.

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