How to deceive large banks when issuing a loan

The bank needs to be extracted as much as possible from each transaction. To do this, they go to the tricks that you may not even suspect.

Often, the employee’s salary depends on the implementation of the plan. And to achieve their goals, they can go to such tricks as execution of unnecessary insurance, silence at the points of the contract and so on.

Often, banks refuse loan on the basis of a borrower refusal from life and health insurance. We have repeatedly talked about the fact that insurance is voluntary, and coercion to the conclusion of the policy illegal. But it does not stop the banks, and to extract more income, they put conditions in such a way that you have to choose either, you make up a credit with insurance, or leave with anything.

In this case, the deception is obvious. People with a low level of financial literacy, to avoid refusal to agree to insurance and will not dispute its necessity.

Imagine that you came to the loan bank. The application has already been approved, you have collected the entire package of documents, and the manager has begun to design a transaction. In anticipation of cash receipt, you are offering special conditions that only apply today and only for you. Imagining that you gain great benefits, subscribe documents and do not read into the terms of the loan agreement.

While the minimal font is prescribed additional commissions and fines that you will learn later, and this news is unlikely to please you.

Hurrying and constantly distracted by citizens are especially loved by bank managers, as they are unlikely to read the terms of the contract. And even after returning home, most likely will not even be discovering a loan agreement.

Pensioners often find themselves in the center of deception, imposing unnecessary services, and additional commissions. By virtue of their gulling, they agree to everything that the Bank’s employee offers. Most often it is absolutely disadvantageous conditions.

In case the loan agreement is not completely understood for the maximum, the terminology used is complex, then refer to competent lawyers who analyze the contract for you, and explain all the incomprehensible moments.

It is important to remember that «free cheese is only in a mousetrap.» Agreeing on credit, it is necessary to realize its expediency, and familiarization with the loan agreement to put in priority before signing.

Analyze the profitability of unique conditions and proposals from the bank, more often, in fact they turn into an additional debt burden.