How to get a loan secured by a share in the apartment?

The emergence of equity ownership can occur in various ways. So you can become the owner of the share due to the entry into the inheritance with other relatives. Or you can divide the apartment on the share when divorced. The communal apartments also provide for equity property.

In theory, it is possible to make a loan on the security of a share in the apartment, but in practice, citizens face denunciations in banks, since such a type of property does not have high liquidity and has a number of problems in selling.

When it comes to a loan on the bail of the apartment, then there are no risks for banks, and they willingly go to a similar deal. With the equity property of things are different.

Your property must contain one or more dedicated rooms. That is, the premises must have a metrar, the boundaries displayed in the room passport. The consent of the remaining tenants on a loan with a pledge of your share in this case is not required.

If the owner of the share in the apartment is your minor child, then the bank will refuse the loan. Since such a situation requires permission for the deposit of property from guardianship authorities. Those in turn do not approve the deal, since in the worst case your child can lose the property.

You will help try to arrange the entire apartment in a deposit, then the bank will most likely approve the deal. But this can be done only with the consent of all owners, that is, the owners of the rest.

In this case, the remaining owners are considered to be pledgers and must personally attend the loan. This situation is complicated by the fact that, first of all, not all owners will go to such risks. And, secondly, often the owners of the shares leave the regions, which complicates personal presence when making a deal.


More chances to make a loan secured by a share will be in the Offices of MFIs, but also the lending conditions will be much stringent there. Large banks go to such transactions less often, and to save time in search of a lender, having agreed on a deal with a share in the apartment, we advise you to seek help to

Cooperation with a large number of banks will allow the credit broker to choose a loan for you in a short period of time.