How to get a loan secured by the land plot

The pledge of real estate significantly increases the chances of the borrower to receive a major loan in the bank. Such a type of secured loan is well suited to those who need to receive money urgently.

Despite the fact that lenders less willingly go to transactions with a pledge of land plots due to their relatively low liquidity compared to commercial or residential real estate, find a bank that will issue a loan.

After submitting an application for a loan on the security of the land plot, the lender assesses the liquidity of the real estate object, which depends on the state of the land plot, its location, dynamics of the local market, the state of the objects of neighboring incidents.

The probability of credit approval on the security of the land, somewhere in an abandoned village will be zero, as the lender must make sure that the site will be sold for a good amount of money and take the debt to loan in the event of your non-fulfillment of obligations under the loan agreement.

Additionally, we can say about such requirements as:

To make a loan secured by the land plot can only his owner. Confirmation of ownership must be accompanied by relevant documents.

The standard borrower must be an adult citizen of the Russian Federation.

If the land plot was obtained through entry into the inheritance, it is possible to arrange a loan on bail only after 3 years. Make it before prohibits the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Obtaining a misuse loan on the security of the land is beneficial to the fact that you can spend money for any purpose. Report to the bank about the spent money is not needed.

Also, the collateral property makes it possible to take a large amount of funds on credit. At the same time, your wages do not have to be high, because the deposit already implies risk reduction for the creditor.


To make a loan secured by the land plot. You need to find a bank that is ready to provide such a loan. In order to save time and effort to search for lenders, you can seek help from credit brokers, whose work is aimed at helping issues.

All you need to leave an application for a loan on the site or by phone, and after approval to collect the necessary package of documents and make a deal with the bank.

When contacting the credit broker, the company manager will accompany you to the end of the loan processing process.