How to get a loan secured by the room?

Often in the property of citizens there is not the whole apartment whole, but only its part is the share or room. Then, if desired, make a loan on the security of real estate, it is brewing the question of the possibility of such a transaction.

In order for the Bank to approve the application, you need to take into account the many nuances that we will tell about in our article.

The status of a real estate object is an important aspect in the issue of issuing a loan on bail. Banks rarely go to such transactions, because, in addition to your room in the apartment, there are and public areas, such as corridors, toilet, bath, kitchen, hallway. These spaces are used by all residents of the apartment, and by law belong to all owners at once.

But if you consider the question, on the other hand, the room is an autonomous part of the apartment. You like the owner have the full right to dispose of it at its discretion, for example, to pass, sell, make repairs and so on. Including to bring on bail when issuing a loan. It is important to find a bank that will go to such a deal.

In this case, the room must be highlighted in kind, that is, there is a document and a clear arrangement inside the apartment documented. In this case, it is important not to confuse a room with a share, since the latter does not have «its meters», which is the extremely problematic object of the pledge. But this is a completely different topic.

First of all, the lender draws attention to the liquidity of the property, which depends on the size, location and condition of the room. In other words, this room should be in demand in the market, which will continue to make it without any problems and reduce the risks of the bank to stay in the minus.

Another question is if this room is decorated under a social hiring agreement. Then the bank will not approve the application for a loan, as the room is the object of the municipality, and you just have the right to stay in it and use.

Not all banks cooperate in this direction. Therefore, at the first stage, you need to find the creditor who will go to this transaction. More often, the approval of the loan under the mortgage property — the room can be obtained from the «Square», «RaiffaisEnbank», «VTB». Next, you need to apply to remotely or directly contact the bank. It is not long to expect a decision on the loan for a long time, since applications with mortgage property are beneficial for the bank, and they consider them faster than others.

The main thing is to know about the main conditions, subject to which the approval of the loan will become a few steps closer. Since we have talked about the legal status of the room. It must be privatized, isolated, and legally belong to you on all legal grounds.

Also, the room should not have encumbrances in the form of minor owners, minor prescribed citizens, as well as arrests.

The state of housing should not be emergency, and the house itself should not be demolished in the near future. The location of the apartment with the room should be directly in Russia, and not beyond it.

Thus, we come to the conclusion that the loan design on the security of the room is quite a simple procedure that does not differ from the loan design with other mortgage property.