How to get around the Sberbank Commission when translating?

Commissions when paying for receipts on housing and communal services and other services, citizens seemed to be accustomed. But the unexpected news for Sberbank customers became paid translations within the bank. If earlier the limit of funds did not exist, then now citizens are allowed to translate a certain amount without a commission, and then only with it.

You can bypass additional costs in several ways that we will tell below.

Most people enjoy simple bank tariffs for which 50,000 rubles is available to you to transfer within the bank. In this case, the limit is not written off the Commission. But if this amount of money is missing you, then read how to fix the situation.

SBP is the ability to translate funds through a mobile phone number. It does not need to enter data cards or account. This method of translation not only facilitates the life of the Bank’s customers, but also makes it possible to translate the amount of money over 50,000 rubles.

The transfer of money can only be carried out in those banks that participate in such a program. With their list, you can get acquainted on the Internet or on the website of your bank.

The limit of funds increases to 100,000 rubles, and most importantly, the Commission is not paid.


To connect, you will need to enter the Sberbank application online. Next, go to the «Profile» section, where to choose «Settings».

Next, simply connect the function of rapid payments, which is possible on both outgoing and incoming translations by separateness.

In order to directly transfer the means to another person connected to the system of rapid payments, you need to select «payments», then go to the «Other Services» section.

And ultimately choose «Translation by fast payments.»

Less complicated way in action to avoid the commission during translations is to connect an auto board or auto-ship. If you are confident that on the day of debiting money, the card balance will be replenished with the necessary amount, then this method will provide you with commemissible operation.

And the most important thing is that Sberbank does not take into account such operations in a limit of 50,000 rubles, which makes it possible to spend more money for the bank customers than usual.

A car can pay not only payment documents on housing and communal services, but also mobile communications, traffic police fines, taxes and loans, etc.

To connect, you will need a bank application in which you need to go to the «Payments» section, then select «Autoplates and Translations».

And directly connect the car transfer, with the simultaneous selection of the service that is planning to pay monthly automatically.

For those who do not want to bother in two ways described above, Sberbank proposes to connect a paid subscription, which will increase the limit of funds to which the Commission does not work.

So for 99 rubles you can purchase the ability to transfer an additional 50,000 to the end of the month. One-time increase in the limit can save the position when the amount of translation exceeds 50,000 rubles, and the translation itself is planned once.

For 199 and 299 rubles, subscriptions are offered for a month. And the more months of the subscription you pay, the less will be the amount of the cost of the service. In the first case, for 199 rubles, you are offered transfers to bank accounts and customer cards, and paying for a hundred rubles more subscription will allow you to pay for housing and utilities housing and communal services.

As you can see the ways to circumvent commission in Sberbank are easy to implement. The available online application interface allows you to save on operations without leaving the house and without leaving the workplace. Bank employees are ready to respond to all questions about connecting services by the hotline number or in the application itself.