How to learn to postpone the money regularly?

The airbag is needed to everyone, because in life there may be unforeseen circumstances that require large spending. Many are difficult to postpone the money, and their life proceeds from salary to salary.

We have prepared recommendations for you that will allow you to accumulate on a dream or «black day.»

The absence of the goal motivates on a permanent waste of accumulated funds. Without an understanding for what, you postpone the money, you will not appreciate them.

Therefore, we advise you to put the goal, and let it seem to you unless, you will never know about your capabilities without trying to save.

It would seem that there is nothing complicated in just to postpone a certain amount of money from each salary. But in fact we find a thousand reasons to spend money instead of their accumulation.

It is easiest to postpone with someone, so if you live not alone, agree with other family members to keep some percentage of income together.

The result will not make long wait, the more time you save and do not break down on impulsive purchases, the more motivation will appear in order to continue to save.

If you are a bank client, then connect the «Virtual Piggy Bank» service to your map, which will allow you to forget about the need to postpone funds, but will do everything for you.

The piggy banks are two species, those that send the percentage of the income from the card to a certain account, and those that translate the percentage from each purchase spent.

This method of accumulation is very convenient engaged in people, and those who cannot resist rapid purchases.

How often do you go to the store just for bread, and returning with huge packages with products, as a result, you have to borrow at yourself, taking money from savings again.

To protect yourself in such a situation, without leaving home, make a detailed list of purchases. This will allow you to not pay attention to the goods not from the list, but to make a purchase only what is really necessary.

Plans and goals are different things, but interrelated. So you can schedule rest on the sea, buying large equipment, repair or even buying a car. It is important to properly arrange priorities and understand that now most needed.

I realized that it was in the first place, you make this thing the goal of accumulating money, and after you achieve the task, you will go to the next item from the list.

In order to learn how to regularly postpone the money, you need to constantly set goals, evaluating your capabilities, as well as analyzing the cost of the thing, your income, and the financial burden.

To stick to the plan, not to be distracted by unnecessary goods, as well as save — these are key principles for saving funds.