How to pay on the loan if the invoice blocked the bailiffs?

Are you used to paying a loan from a bank card? Or money is written off from it monthly at the same time? In any case, both options are convenient and allow you to quickly pay a loan.

But what if the card was blocked by bailiffs? How to pay a loan and where to go? About this in our material.

The reasons for the arrest of the account of a lot.

In addition, it may be the cause of the arrest of the account, there is a list of funds protected by the state from arrest:

Based on the executive production, bailiffs have the right to block accounts. Find out which credit and financial institutions you are not difficult for the client. Bailiffs send a request to all banks, and then waiting for an answer with information about all accounts that have money, and accordingly arrest them.

If the cash on the score is sufficient to repay the entire amount of the debt, then the invoice is shortly unlock. But still you should contact FSSP at the place of residence to make sure the arrest is removed.

The most reliable way to pay the loan in the situation with the arrest of the account will appeal to the Bank’s cashier. To do this, you will have to use cash. Money will immediately go to the credit account, and the monthly payment will be held.

If the option with the cashier does not adjust you, and you want to continue to pay remotely, then there is a way out of the situation. The bank can go to the meeting and open another account specifically for credit transfers. You can replenish such an account from bank cards relatives or friends.

If you have received various benefits and social payments to you on the map, which you wanted to repay the loan, and the abill of them wrote off. In this situation, he entered, on the one hand, legally, as she recovered cash to repay the debt.

On the other hand, he could write off the cash that is protected by law, so you should contact the FSSP with proof that you cannot pay for this type of income. If it was about children’s payments, first contact the social protection authority for printing on the benefits received and the account number where they come, etc.