How to protect yourself from telephone fraudsters?

The problem of phones on the phone is so relevant that there is hardly the one who at least once has come across such a situation. It became much easier to deceive a person on the phone, and fraudsters come up with new divorce schemes daily.

Most of the whole problem persons are subject to retirement age. But the location of the customer’s personal information can be misleading even the most understimate person.

Schemes for which there workers work so diverse that sometimes amazing imagination. Excessive conversation manner, the use of basic banking terms, the availability of your personal information — all this makes the work of fraudsters perfect.

If you received a call from a bank employee with information about the delay in cash debit by fraudsters, then most likely they call those worst chains.

In this case, you can advise the following:

It is possible that you will be asked to dictate the data of your bank card for the speedy blocking. In this way, fraudsters try to get your personal information, with the help of which the transfer of your savings to your accounts will continue to list.

In no case cannot be informed of the PIN code of your card, the number, and numbers from the reverse side. Bank employee will never ask you to do it

In case you received a message from a friend or family member with a request for financial assistance, you should not immediately list the money for a friend. First of all, dial the number of this person and ask if he really turned out to be in trouble and he needs help.

This type of fraud often works with people having adult children. Parents without unnecessary pondays list cash to their chad, and then it turns out that they dealt with fraudsters.

Having finished the conversation with a fraudster, you comes to the realization that you were deceived. Then immediately without delay, block your cards. This can be done in a mobile application, which will be the fastest way to protect your cash.

Or call the phone number of the bank, and ask the employee to block the card on your own. Thus, you will be able to save money and leave a fraudster with nothing.

In order to avoid personal information transfer to outsiders, we advise you to immediately stop talking on the phone. You can also install an application on a smartphone that allows you to determine the incoming call. This will help not get caught on the tricks of scammers.

Do not open dubious links sent by the Bank, even if the messages look very convincing. And also do not install mobile applications through dubious sources.

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