How to protect yourself when buying real estate?

Acquisition with the apartment of great troubles is not a fairy tale. The unscrupulous sellers for the sake of profits are ready for various frauds, which are not only the spent nerves of buyers, but also large amounts of cash.

Musture yourself from scammers is the same importance as the real estate purchase and sale transaction itself. Therefore, each of you is obliged to know how to protect yourself from apartment scams.

You can find hundreds of buyers’ stories when it seems that nothing is not a remarkable deal, turned around a terrible nightmare for new tenants.

So fraudsters began to use paths absolutely supported by law. And maybe the judge and understands the whole essence of what is happening, but nothing can do, since the law on the scam.

For example, a very frequent scheme of fraudsters is the sale of an apartment with further recognition of the invalidity of the transaction.

Or another proven scheme is the sale through the General Power of Attorney. The person from whose behalf operates the seller has long been dead, or not aware of the deal done. What leads such frains to us clearly and without details. The result, like the first scheme, the transaction is recognized as invalid, the refund is difficult.

Very often turn transactions with apartments, whose owners died. Without the knowledge of one part of the heirs, the other part of them commits the sale of real estate. After that, everything suffer in court: buyers and heirs.

Sometimes check the cleanliness of the apartment before buying is very difficult. Especially when it comes to secondary. There are no such problems with new buildings, since there were no tenants in the apartment. Therefore, the verification of all documents by a lawyer will be absolutely not an excess procedure.

Some believe that to hire a real estate or agent for real estate is extra spending, and only when after buying an apartment, blots or corrections in the documents are found, they understand that they made a mistake. «The miser pays twice.» And this is exactly about disregarding work with a lawyer.

As a result, we want to say that the purchase of an apartment includes checking a large number of nuances. To the fact that we voiced in our material, you can add the need to check the apartment for minor owners, as the sale with them must be accompanied by the resolution of the guardianship and guardianship authorities.

In addition, pay attention to whether the apartment was bought in marriage, and is there any consent of the spouse. As well as in the presence of a power of attorney, the presence of the seller’s presence when signing papers will not be superfluous.