How to quickly get a mortgage?

In one of our articles on how long mortgage is issued, we concluded that in general the process of registration of documentation takes about 2-3 weeks. We also approve that the search for housing can be about 1 to 3 months. And then the total process of the process looks inspiring.

Different banks give different dates for the search for housing, as a rule, this period varies from 30 to 90 days. It is necessary to understand what to choose a suitable accommodation is a time-consuming work, because you have to arrive at the place, inspection of real estate, getting all the answers to questions on the state of the apartment (or at home), and as practice shows, one watching never costs.

View multiple apartments, and then choose from them better option — the process is very responsible, whether you will see if you are satisfied with your choice. Therefore, you should not hurry.

In order not to delay the housing search process, you can start it before turning to the bank, and go to make a mortgage, deciding what you want to buy.

Also in this issue, real estate agencies are helped, as they have a real estate base, and know in what condition it is. This will help you choose the accommodation quickly.

Unclosed loans can delay the mortgage process, as the lender must be confident in your solvency. Checking the level of income, references from the place of employment, can slow down the process of mortgage, as it is necessary to calculate the amount of funds that remain after the repayment of all loans, including the future mortgage.

Therefore, we advise you to produce all calculations in advance, or apply for preliminary approval. Then the bank will perform a superficial check that can show how much you are ready for mortgage.

Often, in a hurry to arrange a mortgage of borrowers miss any reference from the package of necessary documents. It is very important to carefully double-check everything on the list issued by the bank. Since the human factor has not been canceled, and in your place of work may make an error to which you do not have any business, you can tighten the process of registration of the mortgage contract.

Therefore, check all the documents so to speak «without departing from the box office», in our case «without departing from the place of work.»

Banks in which you are the holder of a debit or credit card, and also receive salary, or previously took a loan, as a rule, simplify the process of checking documents, since all information about your income and expenses are known to them.

No need to request any additional requests. This allows you to speed up the process of issuing a mortgage agreement.

You can count on the rapid design of the mortgage, if in advance to scrupulously check all documents, references, applications, make sure clean your credit history, closed loans, objectively appreciate your financial capabilities.

Take care of the search for real estate directly before applying for a mortgage or refer to the specialists on this issue.

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