How to spend bonuses thanks from Sberbank?

Sberbank offers its customers a bonus program for which bonuses are charged for purchases. You can spend them in partner stores, thereby reducing the initial cost of goods or services.

Registration in the program is absolutely free, and you can make it in several ways:

After you become a member of the program you will be available accrual of points that can be spent when paying for the purchase.

Bonuses from Sberbank, you can pay 99% of the purchase price, with a prerequisite for writing off exactly points to the seller about its intentions to pay off bonuses, and not personal finances.

The list of partner stores is large enough, which allows the participants of the program to acquire a variety of goods.

The list of partners includes jewelry houses, fuel companies, platforms for watching movies, pharmacies (rainbow, health melody, vitamin, doctor of accents, etc.), communication salons, as well as mobile operators, subscriptions for obsessive advertising, bookstores, delivery Food, Tool Shops and Total For Office, Shoe Shops and Accessories, Grocery Stores, Children’s Shops, Veterinary Clinics and Petwork Networks, Internet Platforms of Electronic Books and Much.

You can spend up to 99% of the cost of the goods on such bank services such as SberMegarket, Sberdisk, Sberbank, Sbergamarket, SberMobile, Domklik and others, as well as in the networks of Fastfud Burger King, Cafe Teremok, Coffee House, Chocolate and many other food establishments, Jewelry salons, clock stores, etc.

Do not bypass the part in the partnership stores of electronics and household appliances, sports stores, as well as traveling companies. Thanks with bonuses, you can even buy lottery tickets with a discount.

To be aware of how many bonuses you have managed to accumulate, you can contact one of the following ways to inform:

If you do not use bonuses throughout the year, and decide to save them, then you can guess with the idea, because after 12 months they burn.

Therefore, participants in the program need to make purchases at least once a year in order not to lose the accumulated bonuses.

We advise periodically check the balance of bonuses, because very often the participants of the program and forget about them at all, and then the bonuses automatically burn. At the same time, the benefit of using bonuses when paying for goods is obvious.