In what cases does the Bank submits to the debtors on loans?

Long court proceedings will become an integral part of your life, if you stop fulfilling your obligations under the loan agreement to the bank.

The lender has the right to file a lawsuit on the payment of the remainder of the debt and interest, as well as penalties and fines on delay, legal costs.

The court is the last way to return its cash by the bank back. And, of course, he is preceded by a number of other procedures, which can positively affect the outcome of events towards the bank.

Here it is primarily on the appointment of fines and penalties for overdue payments.

This will definitely spoil the client’s credit history, but stops an increase in the amount of debt.

Also, the lender often enters the position of the borrower, and can change the terms of payment of the loan, increasing the term of the contract, thereby reducing the monthly payment by granting credit holidays and other ways to contribute to debt debt.

In other words, the Bank is trying to resolve the problems with paying peaceful way, so that both sides of the treaty can continue to fulfill their obligations.

Here you expect persistent attempts to return money by employees of such organizations using the psychological and other type of pressure, endless calls and visits to your place of residence.

If this method does not help the bank to return the debt, then the bank appeals to the court.

Why are banks sometimes bypass the types of interactions with the debtor described above and immediately appeal to the court?

As a rule, legal proceedings turn the creditor’s victory, since the full list of conditions on the loan, the transfer of the rights and responsibilities of the parties on the loan agreement is spelled out in it.

That is, putting his signature in bank documents, you automatically agree with everything that is written there, including with the effects of non-payment of the amount of debt. And what you decide not to pay, or you have no ability to make payments — does not mean that you can refuse your obligations.

It also happens that the borrower issued a loan with a deposit of property, and then in the event of a winning, the Bank will be able to implement this property in order to return the debt.

In this case, the court decision will be the only legitimate instrument in the issue of arrest and selling the property of the borrower.

In general, overdue two or three payments are already the basis for going to court by the Bank, bypassing the side of peaceful attempts to resolve the issue or transfer the work to collectors.

First of all, we advise you to consult with lawyers who from a professional point of view will appreciate all your chances in this case. With a competent specialist, you can plan actions aimed at reducing the amount of the Bank’s claims, as the trial is a long-term business, banks can go for such concessions to regain at least some of the money.

There is another question, whether the debtor will be able to return the amount of the debt on the loan awarded by him.

Since most of our country’s population lives in poverty and poverty, the bank may not get those money he gave on credit.

For example, you can take the case when the debtor is simply nothing to get:

A person can work unofficially and receive wages in an envelope.

The only housing cannot be taken, since the law is on the side of the debtor. If this does not concern «prosperity».

And nothing will remain the bank as soon as you wait for the debtor something will appear.

Here will help «LED».


Thus, the debtor simply says goodbye to the duty, and the Bank and other state systems that could not fulfill their work properly.


Thus, the debtor automatically exempts something to return to the bank.

The bank has the right to sue the debtor on the loan only for three years, so on the limitation period expires, and only once one loan agreement.

The trial is a very long process that can delay for years. It is better not to bring the case to such an extreme case, since the chances of winning the debtor are extremely low.