Installation cards: What do you know about it?

Buying goods in installments well helps those who found themselves in a difficult life situation suddenly, for example, when a refrigerator broke or washing machine, and there is no deferred money for such cases.

Credit registration can take a long time, and the credit card limit may be insufficient to make a purchase. Therefore, pay for equipment in parts will not only be profitable, but also convenient.

Imagine that you need to buy a refrigerator worth 16,000 rolls, then the installment card will allow you to return this amount divided into equal parts for a certain period. If the total time of installments is 12 months, then in our case you will have to pay 1,333 rubles throughout the year.

In addition, banks offer different bonuses for purchases from partner stores, as well as cachek. Of course, each lender seeks to diversify the partnership with a large number of stores, which will allow installments making holders to make purchases in different directions.

When paying goods by credit card you have about 50-60 days to return the amount spent back, while the installment map allows you to make monthly payments equal parts.

Payment of goods by a large amount with a credit implies the further return of all funds in a short period, and the installment card allows you to comfortably pay the debt to small parts and for a long time.

It is stupid to believe that when installments there is no loan. It is, only interest is already incorporated in the cost of the goods. When the client makes a purchase, then the bank immediately credits it, and the cash is listed by the store. And then the client already gives money to the bank, and not the store, thus, the loan debt.

If you need to buy several goods at once, then the amounts of their payments are summed up. So, for example, if you bought a washing machine for 24,000 rubles for 6 months, and the drying drum for 21,000 for 7 months, then the monthly payment for the first 6 months will be 7,000 rubles, and at 7 months — 3,000 rubles.

If you do not violate the terms of the contract and pay on time, the bank does not accrue interest. But if you make delay, the lender has the right to charge fines and charge penalties.

What is the trick in installments?

The installment map implies the conclusion of a loan agreement with its rights and obligations for the holder. So, if the latter are not fully implemented, then follow the consequences. All client errors are fixed in his credit history.

For the installment map of installments, nothing else like a marketing course on attracting customers. Under different circumstances, the sale of goods in installments can lead to profit loss.

In conclusion, I would like to add that today installments are in great demand among citizens. So besides the opportunity to buy something, bank customers receive income to the balance on the map, increased cachek, additional installments, bonuses, free annual service, etc.