Instructions for protection against credit fraudsters

Fraudsters do not sleep, new schemes of deception are used in fact daily. No one can guarantee that in one day will not be victims of swells, but everyone can protect themselves.

Therefore, we have collected all important information in our material so that you can protect your funds from fraudulent actions.

In order to protect yourself from scammers, you need to know what way they can deceive you. Then you will bring out that you are dealing with scams and you can take appropriate measures.

Nearly 7,000,000,000 rubles were issued on a loan on false documents certifying the identity last year, thus almost 600 credit and financial organizations did not notice anything suspicious in fake passports.

This only speaks that fraudsters learned to fake citizens’ documents so well that the bank’s staff, through the hands of which are at least 20-30 customer passports per day, cannot notice the difference between the original and fake.

Your passport could be in scammers if you lost it, or if a funeral intentionally pulled it out of your bag or purse, as often, the bank’s customers forget the passport at the manager’s rack and go, and the fraudster silently takes him away.

You can use your passport by changing the photo in it. On top of your face there will be a photo of a fraudster who plans to make a loan. If the appearance of the fraudster is very similar to yours, then the photo replacement may not be required.

How sad it did not sound, but often close to us in despair can make bad actions, for example, your friend can ask to become a guarantor on a loan, and you rely on His good faith, agree, but he did not plan to execute credit obligations, but simply disappears from your life.

Subsequently, the Bank will require payment of debt, as well as penalties and fines for delay, and in case you will ignore these requirements, the lender has the right to submit to the court.

Then you are unlikely to be able to avoid responsibility, because the guarantee gives all the grounds for the requirement of the Bank to fulfill all the terms of the loan agreement in full.

It is obvious that close relatives, such as brothers or sisters, and even fathers with sons have similarities in appearance, then the attackers can take advantage of it.

For example, someone from the family can take another passport, and, introducing his personality, make a loan. Such a scheme does not fit in the head of the citizens when they learn about the perfect crime. It is difficult to prove your innocence, but you can.

Scammers among employees in financial institutions are no longer uncommon. Complaints from customers on the actions of managers who offer one, and draw up quite another frequent.

Under the proposal to discover the contribution, the submenu of documents on credit may be hidden, and when making a debit card, an employee may arrange a credit.

We have repeatedly said that you need to seek the loan only in proven credit and financial institutions, but often you can get a refusal, then the potential borrowers go to where «Golden Mountains» promise.

Therefore, always check the documents of the organization, if it seems suspicious, promises you «fabulous» favorable conditions that would hardly offer a large bank.

When contacting a financial organization, request a license to make sure that the lender has permission to this activity.

Remember that a credit and financial organization cannot work without a license of the Central Bank.

Do not transfer your documents to third parties, even if these are close relatives. Do not send photos of passports and other documents on social networks and messengers.

Carefully read the contracts that the Bank asks to sign on their products so that it does not turn out that when making a credit card, you have issued a consumer loan.

If you are not sure of your legal literacy, please contact lawyers.

If you have lost your passport, contact the police immediately. If you do not do it immediately after discovering the loss, then fraudsters may have time to use the document and make a loan agreement in your name.

Do not respond to suspicious calls from the bank managers, as well as send no information in response to SMS from a credit and financial organization.

In no case do not report to employees who have called you from the bank, information about your accounts and maps. Do not call data to enter your account on the bank’s website. An employee of the bank will never ask you such information, only fraudsters do.

In any situation, we advise you to remain extremely vigilant, in the case of suspicious calls, not to lose calm, and act without panic, not leaving the tricks of fraudsters.

Do not neglect the opportunity to check your credit history for free 2 times a year to make sure your data has not become a tool for making a loan by fraudsters.