Insurance of tourists.

We think many of you at least once in your life, but left the borders of the Russian Federation. Of course, who now in modern times do not travel. In our today’s material we will talk about «tourists’ insurance.» Tell me how it works and for what you need.

Many at the airport or when buying a ticket through the border, the tourist operator proposes to conclude a life insurance contract and material values that a person takes with him on the journey.

Usually the cost of the insurance policy costs 10% of the cost of the voucher, it also happens more, but 10% is some minimum.

These are insurance of human life and health, as well as, and its material values from accidents, losses, theft or loss. Payment when installing an insured event reaches up to 95% of the value of the lost material value.

In the journey it can happen anything, the more you need to understand that the person is in another country with its rules and regulations.

In an example, you can take the disease — from this, unfortunately, no one is insured.

In the event of a disease, the tourist will be rendered first medical care, so the insurance company will cover the losses and pay the cost of treating the insured person.

Health is above all. Abroad, the cost of treatment at the expense of own funds will be very large, since in many European countries there is a completely different social policy and that is why the life insurance of the tourist here has a special role.

There are also big advantages here. As an example, take theft of human property.

Upon the occurrence of such a case, you reimburse you the full cost of lost property upon returning to the country. The main thing here is to fix the fact of theft or loss for this you need to contact the local police station where everything that happened is fixed.

Yes, by objection back to his homeland, the insurance company will be easy and will return the cost of lost property, but it is important to understand that it is not worth a specially lose things, since the insurance company can all be checked.

Each insurance company has its own working conditions, so it is very important to pay attention to the conditions of the insurance policy at the conclusion of the contract.

Pay attention to:

With a careful study of the contract and all its advantages, and the minuses you can decide whether you need such a policy. And after that, it is necessary to adopt a weighted solution, put the signature in the insurance contract or not.

Abroad, there is its mentality, as well as its own rules and laws. Very often, thefts or loss are due to the fault of the citizens of the country where you go. It may be an inattentive taxi driver who will forget to give you a suitcase, or brings it not to the hotel where you are going to live. It will be difficult to find such a person, and even the more local police station will not be engaged, since you are just a tourist for them.

Usually such fraudsters are collected either at hotels or airports. Yes, here you still need to show your own attentiveness and smelting to stay with your own things.

Well, of course, no one is insured against diseases, they pursue us all their lives, and about health need to take care of, abroad your policy of the OMS is not valid, and even more so no one needs. All services are paid and prices for medical services are a big money.

Register the insurance policy on a journey or not — to solve only you! The main thing is to carefully study the contract.