Is it possible to get a loan after bankruptcy?

Announced bankrupt, you recognize your faults in current loans. As a rule, this procedure is reflected in credit history, which causes large concerns from banks, as a result of which the loan failures are made.

But everything is not so hopeless, as it may seem at first glance, and the chance to get a loan after bankruptcy still exists.

In the Federal Law No. 127, it is written that after the end of the bankruptcy procedure, the former borrower may apply for a loan and get it. Thus, no legal grounds in the refusal to receive a new loan exists.

Banks are presented to the borrower, previously recognized themselves with bankrupt, several serious requirements:

To increase the loyalty of the bank, you can use our advice:

Do not hurry to take a new loan, because you really could not pay the old one. If you are confident in your abilities, no legislative act is entitled to stop you.

The main thing is that you need to do is prove your solvency to the bank. Suggest as collateral its own property if it is available. In this case, someone else’s property can be pledged if the third person agrees to it. There is always chances of getting a loan after bankruptcy, the main thing is to think through your way to the smallest detail and confidently move towards the goal.