Is it possible to make a credit on maternity leave?

Pregnant woman goes on maternity leave at the 30th week. By that time, she receives a benefit for caring and childbirth in the amount of 100% of wages for the last 2 years. At the same time, vacation itself lasts 140 days. The amount of maternity payments can reach the maximum size — 472 244.5 rubles. It all depends on your income, as well as the number of children expected.

For many women, a large amount of money becomes an excellent opportunity to make a large purchase. Often the purchase object is considered a car, and in second place the opportunity to make repairs. Decal funds can simply not be enough, and then women leave an application for a loan.

Woman in maternity leave is the risk category of citizens, therefore loans are issued with great concerns and not willingly.

The thing is that the bank cannot regard payments made on children as sources of income. Also after the birth of the baby, the composition of the family increases, respectively, and expenses too.

After graduating from childcare leave 1.5 years after birth, and someone after 3 years, probability return to the same position with a level of income, as before the decree, is very doubtful. In this case, the bank is difficult to predict the solvency of the woman for several years ahead. Therefore, not to risk your profit, the bank is easier to refuse a loan.

In order for the application to be approved, many banks require to indicate all sources of income in order to generally assess the solvency of the woman.

As you can see, no restrictions on the issuance of a loan for women in the decree legislation are not spelled out. Banks approve or denied applications for their discretion. First of all, the solution depends on the income of the woman, and the ability to document it.

The most common credit product among women in the decree is a credit card. In connection with the financial situation, the limit of funds will be small.