Is it possible to make a mortgage on several state programs at the same time?

In Russia, today, you can get a variety of assistance from the state when making a mortgage loan. Benefits and subsidies are laid in different categories of citizens and have many nuances.

The benefit from the use of state aid is undoubtedly there, so many are asked whether it is possible to increase it, participating in several state programs.

Based on the name, you understand that it will be about helping young families. Get the state support can both childless families and children. The state pays part of the cost of the apartment, thereby facilitating the pair of the debt burden.

In order to participate in the program, you need to meet the following criteria:

This type of state program involves helping families with children. Careless families cannot count on participation. The mortgage interest rate is 6%, and for residents of the Far East.

Requirements that have established a state under this state program, the following:

The state program, designed to help military personnel, which are citizens of the Russian Federation, requires a borrower to participate in a cumulative and mortgage system for at least 3 years.

With a trend towards moving from villages and villages to cities, the state of the Russian Federation has developed a measure of support for maintaining the number of settlers in these settlements.

Conditions as amended in 2021:

When making a mortgage, you can choose one of the existing state programs suitable for your situation. For example, if you do not have children, but you and your spouse reached the age of 35, and your apartment conditions do not reach the norm, then submit documents to the state program «Young Family», if there are children in the family, the choice of programs is significantly expanding.

You can also make a mortgage with maternal capital and take advantage of one of the state programs for families with children and without them: «Family mortgage», «Far Eastern mortgage», «Rural mortgage».

The state does not prohibit the use of other support measures and under «preferential mortgage». Therefore, in addition to a profitable interest rate, the borrower will receive and cover the part of the debt on the loan.

As you can see, state assistance is presented for the citizens of our country in such a variety, in which various combinations are possible for the greatest benefits. Participation in several state programs is not expedient, so many of them differ only in the interest rate and conditions for the borrower, so it is not possible in the territory of the Russian Federation.

But the government does not prohibit the buy several real estate objects in different state programs, for example, one apartment in the «preferential mortgage», and the other for the «military mortgage».