Is it possible to sell a credit car?

You bought a long-awaited car, but are experiencing financial difficulties, paying monthly payments. Then it is worth thinking about the sale of the car.

In fact, the procedure for selling a credit car is real. In our article we will tell you what ways you can do it.

When making a loan for the car, we are dealing with a secured loan. Your transport temporarily moves to a pledge to the bank, which imposes restrictions on the ownership, or rather on actions with a car. So you are not entitled to sell it, exchange or donate without the consent of the lender.

The PTS will be located at the pledgee, that is, the bank of the entire period of the loan agreement. As long as you fully pay a loan and interest on it, the bank will not give you this document on the car.

Attempts to sell a car without TCP, or illegal withdrawal from the bank, is a criminal case, entailing responsibility.

The first of what car owners think — this is the sale of a car with a loan assignment. The essence of such a process is that the old owner of the car, which issued a loan in the bank, sells the car with the renewal of this loan. Thus, the new owner receives not only the vehicle, but also credit obligations.

In this case, an important requirement for the new owner will be a high level of earnings, sufficient to pay for a loan and vital goods, respectively. If the lender satisfies the solvency of the car’s buyer, then you need to assemble the necessary package of documents, reorganize your credit, as well as put the car on accounting in the traffic police.

When the borrower is not able to continue to execute credit obligations arising after buying a car, he may notify the bank about it and ask for its car with a further debt coverage.

This method cannot guarantee one hundred percent disposal from debt, because money from the sale may not be enough. Therefore, the borrower will remain the amount of the debt, which he will still have to pay.

A plus of such a method for selling a credit car is the speed of the procedure, since the bank is not profitable to have non-core assets. In addition, all the troubles for selling the lender takes, which facilitates the life of the borrower.

Another option to get rid of credit obligations is the car sales car dealership. Here, as in the first way, you have a car buy, only the buyer will not be an individual, but a legal.

One of the important requirements of many car dealership is the presence of debt not exceeding 50% of the total debt amount. Otherwise, the auto show will refuse to make a transaction for buying a car.

The car dealership will rate your car, considering the liquidity of the model, the year of release, the exchange rate, and even the season, after which the amount of the amount of money, which he is ready to give. If this amount suits the borrower, then the contract is issued.

This method always causes distrust from buyers of a credit car, so his organization is delayed for many months due to one of the searches for a person who will agree to the transaction.

The essence of this process of getting rid of credit obligations is that the borrower himself is looking for a buyer. After he cope with this task, the main part begins: the new buyer gives money for the car, the cost of which regulates the current owner. Next, the borrower exits the loan ahead and takes the PTS of the bank. After that, the sale contract is issued, and the new buyer independently reissues the car.

The decline in income in the population leads to situations where the debt burden becomes unbearable. Leaders among regions with a large number of overdue on loans are Moscow and its area.

The amount of debt in general in Russia translates over 80 billion rubles. Nevertheless, banks continue to actively issue loans for the purchase of a car.