Is it worth bankrupt?

Bankruptcy of an individual is sometimes the only way out of the debt credit pit.

In our article, we have collected enough information to deal with this issue.

In case you understand that continue to fulfill the loan obligations, be it a mortgage, consumer or car loan is no longer possible — you do not have money, there is no property that can be implemented in order to receive money, in simple language you just have nothing to pay You can declare bankruptcy.

Depending on the amount of debt, you will exist two options for developing events. If the amount of debt is between 50 to 500 thousand rubles, and the bailiffs have already been the guests at home and did not find anything that could be implemented in honor of debt repayment, then you can go through the bankruptcy procedure in an extrajudicial manner.

To do this, it is enough to contact the list of your debts into one of the multifunctional offices.

If the amount of your debt exceeds 500 thousand rubles, then here without a court can not do.

Consider two main paths that you can use, bypassing legal proceedings, namely the debt restructuring and the implementation of your property if it is.

The first option is restructuring, will not provide you with full debt write-off, but will provide an opportunity to return to the payment schedule on more favorable terms.

For this process, you must have a stable income that will be enough to pay monthly payments, and will also have money for life.

This procedure is usually applied less frequently than the realization of property, since it is precisely sufficient to bankruptcy when white income is not enough.

But we could not not tell about this embodiment from a difficult financial situation, as it carries less adverse effects for you, we will tell you later.

You do not need to think that by realizing the property you will remain with anything. The law prohibits selling the only housing, clothing, and household items, so it will not work «zero» in this case.

Such an announcement of itself bankrupt will allow you to pay off debts in front of the lender and save you from the unbearable financial burden. But if you have no property at all — this does not mean that bankruptcy will not approve you, and from this situation there is a way out.

If you do not have any income or property to implement, you can file a lawsuit in the arbitration court.

In court you need to mostly prove your insolvency at the moment and on the near future.

Many citizens are in this way and enjoy.

If we are talking about the restructuring of debts, then a huge advantage is the ability to pay debt on more profitable percentages, as well as payment holidays that compete during the approval of the restructuring plan, as a rule, this period can be from 120 to 365 days.

Another advantage of bankruptcy is the termination of work on your debts by bailiffs, as well as banks and collector agencies.

From your life, endless calls and SMS messages with reminders of the debt before the lender disappear.

That is, you will need to pay the minimum amount that the court will appoint.

The bankruptcy procedure itself is not free, you will have to spend at least ten thousand rubles, and this is a lot of money for those who experience financial difficulties.

Probably the greatest minus in this procedure is the lack of opportunity to spend money in the amount of more than 50 thousand rubles per month. In such a situation, you need the consent of the financial manager, which limits your monetary capabilities.

Banal, bankruptcy spoils your credit history. And next time, when you try to take a loan, you can most likely get a refusal.

And it is also worth mentioning that for three years after establishing the fact of bankruptcy, you can not be a legal entity.

The bankruptcy of an individual is quite profitable for the debtor with a difficult financial situation when the loan is not possible.

Cons of this procedure are insignificant on the background of the advantages. The only moment that makes doubt the choice in favor of bankruptcy is the impossibility of managing money over 50 thousand rubles per month on their own, which will deliver small problems to people whose wages exceed this amount.

The rest of the bankruptcy procedure is quite winning.