Leasing and rental.

Leasing and rental similar to the mechanism of action, services that use a large number of companies daily. If the rental of the room, the leasing of the car is everything clear, then what are their differences in the same area of action? Many this is still not clear.



If we are talking about leasing, only real estate, equipment, special equipment and cars can perform objects of the transaction.

Rent involves in turn property, land plots, as well as natural objects and real estate.



The difference in the terms of the contracts distinguishes. So the rental provides for the possibility of time-use property or perennial, while leasing is not less than 12 months.

To conclude a rental agreement, it will take much less time than on lease.

Thus, it can be said that leasing combined both rental and car loan. You can choose property yourself, and after payment rental — buy it away. If the meaning of the lease is not the further purchase of property, then it is worth thinking about this option.