Morgenshtern helped collect millions of rubles for the purchase of the most expensive medicine in the world

Few people have not yet heard of the morgenshtern. His songs sound from every second car passing by. News about it is distributed in geometric progression on the Internet.

He repeatedly became a member of the scandals, and his work does not share a large number of people. But he certainly causes respect, because he repeatedly participated in charity.

And his last act and forced many to change their attitude towards his personality.

A few years ago in the family from the city of Timashevsk, a small boy Ilya was diagnosed with SMA (spinal-muscular atrophy). The disease in which motor neurons of the spinal cord is amazed, as a result of which a person loses the opportunity to walk and move, chew food and swallow it, and also breathe.

In the whole world, there is only one drug able to help children and adults with such a disease — ZolGENSMA. He even entered the Guinness Book of Records, as its cost is more than two million dollars. But this medicine is the only hope of the parents of a little boy on his recovery.

One American clinic is ready to accept Ilya for treatment, but everything rests on the fabulous amount of money, which it is impossible to earn it even in life.

The news of the ill-fated disease did not leave indifferent the most discussed musician of our time. Alisher Tagirovich (Morgenishtern), donated a huge amount of money for the purchase of medication. Initially, the amount of translation was 3 million rubles. Further, he translated a few more million rubles, which generally accounted for about 6 million in a piggy bank to buy an expensive drug. Understanding that time is going, and the collection of funds will delay for a long time, Alisher turned to his subscribers in social networks. He called for everyone to help the boy and his family, and a large number of people responded at his request, who eventually collected less than two weeks about 52 million rubles.

The fundraiser was not the last good deed from the Morgettern. He also visited the boy, personally arriving at him home to Timashevsk. Together with Ilya, they visited the children’s shop where there were many different toys. The parents of the boy note how the Alisher differs from its screen image. In fact, he is a very good-natured young man, without Ponte and Paphos.

In the near future, the family of Ilya Huddy will be able to assemble the required amount of money.

You just imagine what a huge amount of money was collected in a short time with the help of Morgenstern. This is almost 1/3 of the cost of the drug for Ilya. At the moment, about half of the necessary funds are collected. And every minute is important, because it stands the life of a little man.