Mortgage lending for young families in 2021.

Until 2025, a state program has been operating in the Russian Federation that allows you to get a subsidy for the purchase of real estate in Mortgage. We will tell you about the conditions and requirements of the mortgage loan for young families, as well as how to participate in the program.

This program provides material assistance to young families in the form of providing 30-35% of the cost of the apartment.

The remaining amount of the family must pay itself by issuing a mortgage loan. Money is not issued in hand or bank account.

The accommodation should be in the same region where the family received the status of a state-owned state in need. You can use such subsidies once.

This program works until 2025.

A young family is not only mom, dad and children. The young family is also considered to be just a husband with his wife or mother and a child, or a father and a child and a full-fledged family with two parents and a child / children. The most important thing is that the official marriage registered with the registrarium is concluded between the spouses. Sophisticated couple living in civil marriage cannot count on participation in this program.

Young families who need to improve housing conditions and those who live in emergency accommodation can also be calculated for this assistance.

Each region establishes its conditions for which the family is considered to be needed, so, for example, in Moscow, a family of 5 people living in an apartment of 45 square meters. meters, may apply for the establishment of the fact that in need of improving housing conditions, as in this region, at least 10 square member should be at each family member. meters. In other regions, other norms of square meters per person.

First, you need to make documents confirming the right to participate in this program. Assist with this issue can be in the local administration, the center of social protection and multifunctional centers.

After making you the list, you need to make a certificate that confirms the right to subsidy. This document is a guarantee that the budget contains cash.

Next, all the necessary documents are collected, you give them to a bank that checks the data by requesting information from the administration.

In case of confirmation, the bank transfers money to the developer or seller of housing!

This assistance program to young families is not suitable for everyone. She has its own nuances that can cause refusal to participate. Also, the implementation process can delay for many years, which may be uncomfortable for you.

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