Mortgage mortgage apartment: what is needed and how is it made?

When making a mortgage, the lender is entitled to demand from the borrower registration of the mortgage to the apartment being purchased. This action is necessary for the bank to ensure the right to implement the property in case the borrower ceases to pay the loan.

When buying housing, in addition to issuing credit and mortgage contracts, you need to independently register one important document, which is a valuable paper. The mortgage confirms the fact that the property purchased is deposited by the bank.

The mortgage is drawn up in the case of buying housing in the primary and secondary markets, as well as when purchasing a private house, a land plot, any other real estate object.

For the borrower, the mortgage is a guarantee of the bank of the conscientious performance of its obligations under the loan agreement. But by and large, registration mortgage for the borrower is not necessary.

For the bank, the mortgage is part of the financial portfolio. Its presence guarantees a refund and reducing the risk of profit loss.

After registering the mortgage to real estate, ask the bank duplicate. Carefully compare the data with the original for errors. It is necessary that in the future you have no problems with the removal of burdens for ownership.