Mortgage or housing rental: What is more profitable for the Russian family?

Many families are now thinking about the issue of living their family. The USSR is destroyed in 93 years, and no one gives birth to housing in our time. Therefore, there is a question in front of many: what is more profitable to rent an apartment or buy it in a mortgage?

In our material we will discuss minuses and advantages of each method. We hope you will be interested!

This word in recent years has become so popular among the families of our country, which, probably knows every citizen of Russia.

Mortgage is a target loan, the purpose of which acquisition of housing area. Typically rates on such loans are much lower than in other types of loans.

Yes, and the term for mortgage loan is much higher than, for example in consumer.

Acquired lived area when paying a loan remains owned by a citizen or family who acquired it. That is, a person is not a full-fledged compound, but has the right to live in an apartment or a family house, he also has the right to register other people in it.

Many banks currently require either a minimum initial contribution, or do not require it at all. This allows you to use the apartment immediately after registration of the «Mortgage Lending Agreement».

After paying a mortgage loan, property remains for you, and you can manage it as soon as you want, it is also important to note that your children can get the inheritance.

For the past 5 years, the state cares about citizens who have made a mortgage loan, families with children get most of attention. For families with children, there are about 30 profitable programs that allow you to significantly save on the payment of a mortgage loan.

You can rent an apartment, while compensating for some of the payments on the mortgage loan.

Take the average mortgage period of 15 years, for these 15 years the final cost of the apartment for the owner can be 3, and even 4 times more of its nominal value in the market.

About the chic repair, which you, for example, want to make it worth forgetting, as the apartment owned by the Bank and make significant changes — redevelopment, the demolition of the walls and others will not be performed.

Yes, you can talk to the bank on this topic, but in most cases, borrowers usually receive failure.

Sell such an apartment without the consent of the bank will not work, as the apartment is piled by the bank until the full repayment of the loan.

Many citizens of our country think that the only housing cannot be taken, but the mortgage apartment does not apply to such opinions. Under the law of failure of a loan for more than six months, the Bank has the full right to deprive you of such housing and sell it from the hammer.

Therefore, credit obligations must be carried out exactly on time, it is also important to have a «financial airbag» for example in case of illness.

State programs act clearly within the framework of special lists. For example, most of the programs are designed for new buildings and for families with children.

And what to do a person who does not have a family and a child? — It turns out he will not be able to use the state program.

Also, in the case of a new building — you can get not what you wanted, for example, you wanted a spacious apartment with a large kitchen, but there is no such thing on the market of new housing, and state programs do not apply to the housing of the secondary market. Therefore, you will have content with what offers The new housing market. As a rule, it offers not particularly high-quality housing.

Mortgage has its pros and cons, in recent years you can see the trend of the growth of mortgage loans, as well as their accessibility among the population. Thus, the state provides families with housing and gives the pace for the development of real estate construction. It can be said: «kills two hares at once» — issuing preferential loans to the population and compensation for these benefits from construction taxes.

No less popular way to secure life in an apartment or house has also own pros and cons. And the rental is well enjoyed in large cities, as well as the capital of our country.

You do not pay interest, but only pay the amount stated with the landlord and designated the lease in the contract.

If something will break something in a removable apartment for your fault. Then the landlord itself will repair, just as will be responsible. If, for example, the pipe under the floor and the neighbors were flooded. In this case, you are not responsible for this.

You choose an apartment. Which you like and also decide how much you will live in it.

In a removable apartment, you can not make repairs or change something, even if such an opportunity is. It is only with the permission of the owner. You are also not a legitimate owner of the housing — it is not yours.

Regarding the apartment will be very difficult. And if such an opportunity, then the landlord may request for this an additional cost, which will respond monthly to the main cost of lease.

A big minus is what perhaps you will constantly move, because the owner may want to sell housing or you just don’t like it.

Imagine that you have already born, you like this place got a job next to the house, and the owner wanted to sell an apartment and you are forced to move — unambiguously not comfortable.

Yes, this is a convenient way to save money, especially those who have no family and children, also the rental well suits people who do not need housing, but changed the place of residence due to work. The main consumers of the rental market are people up to 30 years.

What can be said in the end of the rental and mortgage?

Each harass choose himself, in recent years there is a growing trend that people choose rental accommodation more, instead of acquiring the area lived in a mortgage.