Need to make a plan: how can banks «dilute» the elderly?

It’s no secret that every manager in a bank has its own goals for a month. As in many organizations, employees set a task to execute a plan: to issue a certain number of loans, release a n-number number of credit or debit cards, issue a certain amount of additional credit products.

It is very difficult to impose unnecessary services a financially literate person, which cannot be said about pensioners. Due to their gullibility, they have become hostages to the deception of bank employees.

For many pensioners, it becomes a big surprise when money pays money for utilities or payment of mobile communications. None of them even guess that the bank employee simply simply connected him a car payment that no one asked about.

And if the amounts on the map are not enough, then the payment does not pass, and the debt will be copied for the pensioner. As a rule, such a function employee is conveniently connected when issuing a re-debit card. Or when contacting a pensioner to a bank on issues relating to his card.

Imagine the situation when the pensioner came to the bank in order to discover the contribution. He was offered a favorable condition under 6.5%. The manager lowers the points of the contract for which the bet will change from a certain month at a not the best side for the client. Of course, if you say about this before signing the contract, the pensioner will most likely refuse the contribution in this bank, because the benefit is not exactly the one for which he expected.

Therefore, in order not to deprive yourself of premiums and surcharges to the salary, the manager will be silent and does not announce the pensioner all the important terms of the contract. Thus, it is very important not to let go of our elderly relatives on the bank in order to avoid imposing no profitable credit products.

Often, pensioners impose the need to increase the status of a bank card. Annual service of a premium card is higher, which means the profit of the lender is greater. For pensioners, this is a completely unnecessary procedure at which money simply «fly to the wind.»

Manipulating the confidence of pensioners, bank employees often replace the concepts of insurance with additional investment income and the discovery of the contribution. That is, the pensioner comes to the bank in order to open a savings contribution, and it is replaced by contracts and draw up insurance and health insurance.

In the media repeatedly discussed similar precedents in different parts of the country. A frantically, employees not only draw out an unnecessary service to a pensioner, but also deprive its cash. It is extremely cynical to act in this way towards older people, but it does not stop the bank managers to work on a fraudulent scheme.

Repeatedly in the network discussed discussions on how bank employees issue credit cards instead of debit. Offering favorable conditions on the map, the elderly trustfully sign paper on its design, and in the end it turns out a very sad picture.

The pensioner, not knowing about the trunk from the bank manager, begins to actively use the card — pay for goods and services, withdraw cash in an ATM.

That the pensioner was deceived, he most likely learns when the limit of funds will be exhausted. The situation when the Bank’s employees are silent about the conditions of using a credit card, if the pensioner made it precisely, it is also often found. So a citizen may not report «fines» for removing cash in an ATM.

Therefore, so that your elderly relative will be a victim of deception by bank employees, we advise you to attend when signing the contract with it.

Attentive reading contract is the key to the fact that all conditions and obligations will be known. The probability of unexpected «surprises» will be reduced to zero. The pensioner will not be deceived.